Some luck at the beach

hi all,sand starting to move back out to sea,left areas worth detecting scored a tiny 1.1g 9ct band,a couple of silvers and then a vintage 5.3g 18ct beauty from the depths,good tides this week hoping for some good results.


We’ll done Roy could only find silver today

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keep swinging its there somewhere

Quite a pretty little one there.
Do you save your finds, or sell them, or something else?
Do you just hit the same beaches in your area?
Roy, did you used to live in New Zealand?

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still do,will be back shortly there was no work for me in a few years ago,i try to know where it might be detectable,it takes a while to know which one to hit.

MMmmmm Gold.

Can’t remember the last time I found a gold - have to work harder I think, or move to Aus :wink:

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