Some Light Easter Reading

Here is a link to a collection of literature related to gold in NZ that may be of interest to those that haven’t already read them. (Downloading the file and reading it offline is better than trying to read online)
NZ Gold Literature


Very good indeed - thanks for sharing.

Awesome! Thanks very much

You sir, are a legend!

Thank you @Julian, that’s very generous of you :slight_smile: Much appreciated!

Cool many thanks and much appreciated :slight_smile:

I have many more interesting articles spread across various devices so I will upload them to the same link as I find them… I have just added several more… I haven’t uploaded any I have paid for and as far as I am aware the ones I have uploaded are all in the public domain but if anyone spots any Copyright Issues please let me know and I will remove them…


Just great , very good reading for the next couple of weeks .

Thanks for sharing Julian.

Thanks for sharing!
Another that might be good to go in your folder:

Thanks Madgoldnz I havent seen that one before I will upload it now along with the following – First Gold Discoveries in NZ… Geology of the Nelson Area… NZ Emigration & Gold Fields… The Law on Gold Mining NZ & Aust…
Glad your all finding them useful if there are any duplicates or any I should add please let me know :smiley:

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Thanks for this, there’s some interesting stuff here! Appreciate it!

Just on the off-chance, has anyone ever seen anything on the Fenian gold workings near Karamea? From a sign at the start of the track into the area there are several gold workings mentioned but I can’t find historical information on any of them…

speaking of light reading what happened to the gold fossicking mag that i think one of the members here used to publish

I think you are talking of adams town up by the caves. have a talk with the guy from the domain camping ground , he goes hunting up there a bit. also they worked in the caves.

I have uploaded 3 more — Getting Gold 1898… Gold Dredging 1908 and Practical Gold Mining 1889… The Practical Gold Mining 1889 is one of my favourite it has over 800 pages and is packed with technical info and pictures on the early machinery used in extracting Gold.


Thanks kiwikeith, I’ll have a chat with him once out of lockdown…

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Here’s a good, free, winter read - New Zealand Geology : an illustrated guide.


That’s Great thanks for that I have been looking for books on NZ Geology and haven’t seen that One. :slight_smile: The Website its from GeoTrips - exploring NZ is very interesting too the map has some fascinating info on it. I have been on the GNS site before but never came across the GeoTrips part…

Thanks for putting this together, some good reading over the winter months