Some impressive gold coin finds


They make me totally jellyarse…we have nothing out here compared with England and Europe - cripey if I was detecting in England they would Nick name me ‘steamshovel Joe’ due to my eagerness and the amount of dirt I was frantically shovelling looking for real treasures…even an Edwardian First long cross penny would have me go gas gas.

We do have quite a few sovereigns around at least, perhaps not as historical, decent amount of gold in them though.
And tokens which are rarer than hens teeth (though you might not think it with the amount that chris has been vacuuming up recently :smile: )

Yes I know a few friends have found the odd sovereign - my great great grandfathers hoard would be worth finding as it was all gold coins, pre 1862 and totalled ten thousand pounds worth…thats millions today

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I wonder if any £5 gold coins made it here that’s my dream coin.

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Some where I bet there could well be BUT they would have to be some where near where the richer colonists frequented - St Albans area in Christchurch etc - a good thought though and one day I guess someone will indeed find one.

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