Some good stuff today

IMG_2359 IMG_2360 IMG_2361 IMG_2362 decent hunt today 1d hj hall tradesman token,1850 1950 centenary medal,and three silvers to boot,great day in a superb christchurch sunny day. good luck


Those tokens are always a buzz to find,did you ever get any over in Oz? All I can remember from your old posts was a shit load of gold :joy:

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never found one but i was at the beach most of the time,would not expect them to last that long in the salt.

I’ve pulled two both below low tide mark as you can see pretty good Nick … struggle to get landbase sites in Whangarei to hunt but the soil eats copper


Some good finds Roy well done.

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That Token reads "Coffee Mills’ at the bottom. Nice one Roy.

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iam hoping after a soak to get the detail whats left out.