Some Gold with the Equinox

Not a bad haul–1.9 gr. pendant 14k, 8.3 gr. band 18k 4.2 gr. band 14k, and a 14k men’s ring with a little rock 7 gr. Using an “undertune” B2 system with 2 tone to search (very lively–almost like a pulse) and 50 tone to confirm some targets. A tip: I have not tested any gold that shows up above “21” not even 22k or Russian. I set my 50 tone “User” mode with a cut off (notch) from 24 to 28. If a target shows 23–not gold. About $925 CDN.


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Just ordered your book. I look forward to reading it!

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I have several of Clive’s books but just remember the price stated is in $US not $NZ dollars.

It converted to NZ$ when I paid by PayPal. With freight it was about $NZ44

I have the same problem with AUS–the conversion is not good. Im in Canada and have the same problem with our dollar. Shoot me a a note will try and adjust or if you are in a club I do discount orders of three books even more because the shipping is less. Thanks for your interest in any case.
Kind Regards clive

I’m seeing 35.92 without PP’s hand in there have no problem refunding the difference. Thanks for your interest in my book–it’s quite well reviewed as shown at the site.

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