Some finds from top of the South

Got a bit of spare time on a wet saturday, been lurking the forum for years, thought I might finally contribute now I have the chance!

Found a couple of coins but nothing that has made my heart flutter yet. I think i regret trying to clean the 3 and 6p but they were pretty bad to begin with. I think the Tangee cylinder is some sort of vintage lipstick holder.

The lock was attached to a tree with a disentregrated chain about 5 inches down, not sure what it was supposed to be securing but whatever it was was long gone.

I’d be interested if anyone knows anything about vintage ammo.

Nice chunky old ring, shame the paua inset is a bit damaged. Mark says cMMR(A?)-MR(A?)C 945

What I bought the thing for. Hopes dreams…realities haha.

Not doing very well, thats a couple of years worth. Only been to public fossicking areas a couple of time.

Standard night saving the environment from lead poisoning.

Thought this was cool, decided to leave the cap on in case I unleashed a new plague.

Cleaned out the backyard recently.


The lone bottom left bullet is a .22 projectile as is the one second from left in the lower row. The small cartridge case on bottom left looks like a 297/230. The large top left projectile looks like a Snider projectile.
Second left top row looks like a 38 revolver or 38-40 Winchester, second right top row looks like the core from a .303 - minus nickle or copper jacket. Top right is a .22. The two bottom right might also be .38 or 9mm even though are more rounded and shorter than the second left top row one.
Without actually seeing them in person and measuring them it is next to impossible to say with 100 percent certainty.


i would be pleased withjust the one nugget ,nice work

thirsty work cleaning out the back yard. lol. and not a speights tin in site

Thanks! Bit silly of me not to put any scale in that pic. The base of the lock is 40mm. The diameter of the top left one is 14mm so I think you nailed everything. Appreciate the sharing of your hard earned knowledge.