Some bits from the sea

gday all ,beaches still sanded in but found a small spot that was worth small silver ring an older silver chain one 50% shilling,and the only gold for a while a 9ct with unfortunately a synthetic stone still any gold is good.


You get much swell off the back of this storm Roy?

hi,the storm missed us on the whole,got some rain but not enough wind to make a differance,in fact wind seems to pile up sand right in the killing areas,the only advantage we get from wind,is on the big tides we will get a cut on the high tide mark,right on the sunbathing line,have found old stuff thats been out of reach for years up there,does not happen too often,and will only last two or three tides,same with the best areas at the low tide mark two or three tides with wind and its covered again.if you have a deep enough machine you will get an extra couple of tides.

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