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'Solid resource' found as prospecting company uncovers high grade gold deposit

Thank you Gavin - a Gentleman and a scholar. I guess this largely gets over what i have been trying to say - paper money is worthless - the financial system must collapse one day - THEN gold and silver will have value and therefore we should keep it as a country.
I promise that I shall make no more comments here except to recommend that every member look at this video. It is pretty elementary but explains what I have been trying to get at in a manner thats easy to understand.
Ten brownie points to you Gavin! Dont let it go to your head.

Diversify your investments. Even when you do not have large savings or property.
Buy a bit of gold, silver, platinum, jewelery invest a thousand or two in over seas stocks.
Buy a bit of foreign currency (that you can spend on aa over seas trip, if you no longer need it).

Funny thing about printing cash. The Green Party were saying that’s what they would do to lower our dollar (help our export market). National Party made a big huff about how it was a bad idea, then a year later they got the Reserve Bank of New Zealand to ‘release some cash reserves’ into the economy to slow inflation. Basically printing money, but calling it something different.

[can’t recall exactly what they did but John Key was very shifty about it, they might have issued cheaper bonds or some foreign currency exchange - please tell me if you remember]

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A very interesting video Gav,I’ve had friends who have tried to explain this to me but this vid definitely spells out how it works in better detail,so when this financial bubble finally burst the value of gold will rise exponentially?
One of my concerns is just how venerable NZ is to these risks now we have had to borrow so much money in order to rebuild after the Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes,however looking on the bright side (being the left handed Sagittariun optimist that I am)I hope that being a country with good gold reserves still in the ground,that when gold prices do increase we are able to extract these gold reserves for the mutual benefit of all kiwis.I see now why Lammerlaw wants us to keep and stockpile our gold.Even if gold went from $1800 to $3600 per ounce this could mean all us hobby miners would have a chance to earn a living from our hobby which would be good as my job sucks…lol.

Finally a quick spiel about our flag,I totally respect the older generations point that many kiwis lives were sacrificed under our current NZ flag…I get it…but they were simply not fighting for the design of our flag…they were fighting for our freedom!!(God of nations playing in background)…freedom of our country to decide our own path,to live the way we want to live for now and generations of kiwis to come,freedom to debate weather we should change our flag and vote democatically to change it or not.
If Japan had defeated the US fleet in the pacific,and won the conflicts in SE asia against the ANZAC’s and allied armies,if Japan had invaded Austrialia while resources and men were away fighting overseas,then sailed into Wellington/ Auckland harbours and overthrown our government.
We would become a sovereign state of the Japanese empire with a huge rising sun on our flag maybe with four stars on it somewhere (if we’re lucky)and even the mere suggestion we would want to change it would result in swift and fatal repercussions for all who dear.One thing much worse than wanting to change our flag is to take for granted the freedom we enjoy today that was earned by the ole boys laying down their lives 70 years ago for it…lest we forget!!
Just a pity we have shit politicians who insist on selling out on our freedom.Mal

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lol I like you thinking.
“Yep, nz has 40 Trillion in gold reserves. We keep it in the safest place, right under our feet.”

Probably off topic but I am a newbie :slight_smile: — I went for a hike up the Dubbo Stream on the South side of Mt Karangahake a few weeks back and took a few Moss samples that panned a couple of minute flakes, I guess the place will be crawling with anti mining type now… I also got a few flakes from a stream up the end of Number 4 Road Te Puke near Muirs Reef so we do have a bit of free Gold around the BOP to tease the urge… can’t wait to get down South for a month or two in Feb to have a go at some real Gold I have become hooked by reading thru this Forum…

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You better believe it. All you need to do is lock the hippies in a cage, then force them to pan for gold. Soon they’ll contract gold fever and they’re ready for release. They’ll make good workers, though you may need to feed them some electric puha to keep them around.

They don’t mind getting dirty

And will set up their own shanty accommodation

I’ve a theory, they carry DNA from the original diggers from yesteryear.