Sold. Fisher F4 with NiMH battery pack mod

Releasing funds to import some mods for my other detector, so my coin-shooter has to take one for the team.

About 3-4 years old from Puiaki Supplies, only run on grass hoovering up $1 & $2 and in tidy shape for its age.
Has the AA battery pack mod, mounted under the cuff for improved balance and comes with a full set of NiMH batteries and charger. Battery life is stated as 40Hrs running on the normal 500mAh 9v batteries, the NiMH are 2500mAh so should get at least 80hours absolute minimum.
Comes with headphone adapter to 3.5mm

Hello again mudwiggle. given our last couple of chats, is this something that could be considered an entry level detector?? Don’t think it extends to the gold does it, however that no issue. At the mo:-) What part of the country are u in. Wood you ship at my cost. Think as I’ve stated i’m currently in Blenheim.

Not a gold machine, more coin/relic. Although I have lifted a few gold rings with it.
I’d put it at upper-entry as it has the manual ground balance option, but that’s optional whether you use it. I always ran it in discrimination.
Happy to ship, if you can PM me your delivery address I’ll get a postage price and get back to you.

Not sure even where to find a PM. Thought they were in the beehive…
If you send to
it should reach its target.

Click on the Avatar (Sovereign in my case), then select Message in the popup…

I’ll get back to you shortly.