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Thought I’d start my own page for any treasures I find…right here we go!

I’m in Timaru now and then for work and tonight not being super cold decided to get out for a quick
hunt. I’ve got a few spots around town but my fav
which is one of your old haunts Lammerlaw always
gives up a little treasure even though I know its had a real thrashing over the years by other hunters.
I’ve never found any silver bigger than a shilling so they did a great job!

mmm now to figure out how to put up pictures!

Haha well that kind of worked!! A bit messy but I’ll take it, I hope I get better as time goes by.


Any day ending in silver is a good one.
Look forward to the pics. :+1:

Nice silvers. Love that six pence!

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Nice 'Old Vickie" head - I have yet to get one of those.

Yeah can’t beat digging a bit of old english & silvers that clean up with just a rinse under the tap! some places the ground conditions are so bad it’s like a coin hell & they never regain there shiny awesomeness!!

Yet to find a old head vickie thrup but have a young head Sydney mint sov!..I like!!!

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Back down in Timaru and back at the super secret spot! Awesome night for detecting, quite warm which means dry grass and dry feet so decided to give it a good bash. Pretty good result but once again the chunkier silver is hiding really well lol.

Find of the night was the little green fella, dont think ive found a complete figure before there’s
usually something missing.

Sigh…im back on the crappy phone so having
picture issues again…help anyone? There dosent
seem to be the same options on my phone as there
is on my computer at home!!

Yay!!! I did it


Lucky you. It’s freezing up north.

Photos added woohoo!!!

Nice pile of silver!
That little green fella looks really pleased with himself .

He’s a leprechaun guarding his pile.

Thats a great dig, plenty of silver amongst the normal crappy stuff !

Yeah wish all my hunts where like that! Getting harder these days to walk away with a handful of silver…funny thing is I didn’t dig a single penny or h/penny…spose they where all hovered up as well.

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Pennies are always the first to go - Nice fat copper/bronze signals
The silvers hide for after the cherry-pickers have been through :wink:

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Sounds like detecting heaven…someone cleaning up all the bronze and leaving me the silver & gold! :grin:

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Just got back from my last hunt at the super secret spot as im heading home tomorrow, only lasted 1 1/2hrs cos my toes were frozen lol.

I’ll post a pic when I get back but ended up with 4 silvers & not a lot else but thats 20 in three hunts so theres plenty still there! so get stuck in, go hard & if they cut the grass short or clear the bushy bits I’d be camping the weekend!!

Loot for the week being guarded by my little friend lol


Very cool. Nice finds.



Thats an impressive haul for the week Soilsurfer, good stuff !

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Day out visiting the yokels and digging some country domains lol pretty hard going as I was at it for a good while…big silver I will find you!!!

Quite like the wee St Christopher medallion, the other side says ‘I am a Catholic, in case of a accident or illness notify a priest’


Ok I managed to squeeze a couple hours in on Wednesday nite with a good detecting buddie at a well hunted inner city park. The 1875h penny is in pretty good nick but has a large patch of verdigris on the obverse, just a couple small silvers the British thrup is 1859 which I’m sure is my oldest thrup plus a big ol forces button. Also my little green buddie is hiding in the photo somewhere…can you see him?