Snifter / crevice sucker

Found this at Mitre10. Cost $17 and makes an ideal tool for the job with the addition of a length of 15mm hose(8mm inside diam). Has plenty of suck and blow, being designed for clearing blocked drains. Weighs nothing, 400mm long o/a and 50mm diameter.
I retained the small

drain rubber, which has an internal thread. Makes emptying your gold or whatever easier. Lots of options for a d.i.y. er


That’s cool I’ll have to go have a look next time I’m in town. Currently making one out of an old bike pump


yer i got one thay work good


Cool !!! I’ll have to look into one

In got one as well, i glued the top end on so you can pump it easier, and i put a piece of 22mm clear plastic pipe over the thread on the other end, works very well

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I saw on the news there’s been a sudden run on drain unblockers at mitre 10.:rofl:

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My son, being one of these ultra modern types, made himself a PVC snifter and l have to admit that the sucker was ingenious.
He has used a tennis ball with a rod through it…by tightening the nut on the end you can decrease or increase the tension required to pump it up and down. Something I require a blue pill for!
The tennis ball idea is also superior to the old leather washers we used to make up.

yes just made one looks great.