Smelting gold or sell natural

Hi guys
I have about 3 ounces of good sized gold flakes,do I melt it down and sell as a solid bar or in the vial in its natural state? There is some very fine black sand in it.

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Why don’t you sell it as it is for the spot price x it’s assay %

Wouldn’t it be more pure melted ,I’ve never sold any of my gold so this is all new to me.

Easier to sell natural gold. Drip feed it as you need money. Bullion is so ticket clipped to provide money to those who don’t put in the hard yards producing it

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2nd thought put your three ounces on trademe an see what you get for it, after getting the price for getting it refined.

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Cheers,I was thinking about buying one of those kwik kilns and doing it myself.

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natural gold esp flake and pickers is an easy sell and can vary amount to suit buyer, can also get a premium for chunkier bits.

keep flake and pickers seperate and melt the fines. if u gunna melt the lot u may aswell just sell to refinery/gold buyer. btw diy melting dosent improve gold purity of the metal it will only remove any sand etc you havnt cleaned out of it.

Thanks when I say flakes they aren’t huge but generally about the size I get dredging seems a shame to melt but I guess when I say pure melting will like you said get rid of the black sand,plus i catch the odd piece with mercury on it from the old timers


Melting the gold yourself before selling is definitely the way to go, apart from nuggets of course, if i send away 50grams non melted gold I just dont know what im going to get paid for… maybe 5-8% melt lose to impurities this is based on good clean gold no sand or anything… but if i melt and pour a 50g bar when i sell i know exactly what im getting paid with normally under .5% melt lose when refinery asseys. Seems trade me a good place to sell, see half a gram on there at the moment at $70 already.