Small-scale goldmine denied resource consent in Marlborough

Seems a bit suspect to me…

Plans for a “hobby” gold-dredging operation on the Wakamarina River in Marlborough have been shot down for environmental reasons, near the site where a multi-million dollar industrial mine has been proposed.

The reason is because we New Zealanders have got complacent and over a period of time we have sat back and allowed criminals to get into power - criminals who bow to their masters, the world bankers and to wealthy business - its all about selling their souls to the devil and suppressing the rights of those who really own this country - the New Zealanders, Maori European and colonial Chinese and their descendants who were born here and raised here. Wake up Kiwis before your all in cages.

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Hi Lammerlaw,

Did you read the full story and do you know that the Maori tribe Ngati Kuia is partially responsible that the resource consent got turned down? Ngati Kuia, who had resided in the area for 700 years, made submissions during the resource consent process, raising concerns at the effect the goldmining would have on the waterway. This decision not only has an immediate impact on Mathias, it will also have huge consequences on our business. Unfortunately small miners and businesses don’t have the resources to take on an somebody like Richard Fowler who seems to have studied far to long losing his common sense during this process. Instead of making his decision behind his desk he should be tied to a tree during a flood of the Wakamarina River in order for him to witness the impact of mother nature to the river. Later on his head should be stuck under water besides a 6" dredge in operation so he could watch the fish feeding besides the dredger!


That’s very disappointing perhaps Winston was rite about the government giving the maori,s to much power when it comes to the new & improved “streamlined” resource consent , I have been told in some areas up north even building consents require multiple signatures from different tribes , all with there hands out.
I feel for the miner hopefully this hasn’t set a new president I wonder if its possible to get a consent first before spending all that money on a mining permit ? downside would be if someone put a claim on the area before the consent was granted .I bet the miner was surprised by the decision to I mean look at how many granted permits already exist on the river !

I agree with the Maori tribes having a major say because in some instances, alongside boaties, fishermen, recreational water users they are the only sensible ones who have the environmental aspects of the land and water ways at heart. However there can be NO hypocrisy nor bowing to the wealthy, such as dairy farmers and huge mining syndicates - the rule for one must be the same for all - full stop. Sadly in too many cases money rules and DOC and the decision makers bend their rules in exchange for bribery, graft and corruption - didnt DOC succumb to the original Macraes Mining application in exchange for around $100,000? You see big money talks. Maybe the Maori Tribe there has learnt the value of money. Thats the problem with hypocritical scum - they sell their souls for money and money becomes more important than the very environment they allude to be so passionate about.
I could go on about this for pages so had better not but until all New Zealanders put in a peoples government who are concerned for the rights and priviledges of ALL New Zealanders without prejudice and get rid of the wealthy decision makers who have sold their souls to the devil then the wealthy will rule, the wealthy will make decisions to benefit big operators, the wealthy will suppress the rights of the ordinary people - dictatorship within pseudo democracy.

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Bathurst paid 22million a few years back to DOC for access !!..either way the idea behind the rma is supposed to ensure the environment is not at great risk so if doc , fish & game etc are happy enough to agree to an activity why throw someone else in the mix to complicate things even more seems odd seen as how the new system was supposed to make things easier ?

Money talks and DOC and the decision makers care little for the small operator and New Zealanders in general. In other words DOC and the decision makers can be BOUGHT. MONEY comes first and the environment comes second - DOC are the epitome of hypocrisy while the decision makers serve their masters, the off shore bankers who hold the mortgage, loyally and faithfully like lap dogs and do not serve those who voted them into power. Fish and Game are different - they genuinely care BUT at the end of the day with the big operators they simply have no say…

It’s true. You only have to look at the shady dealings around the Ruataniwha Dam:

Forest and Bird says it believes the Department of Conservation (DoC) is being unlawful in its decision to revoke the protected status of conservation land in Hawke’s Bay to make way for the Ruataniwha Dam.
The land is currently home to several threatened species including the New Zealand falcon, the fernbird and the long-tailed bat.
DoC has agreed to revoke the protected status of the 22 hectares in Ruahine Forest Park and swap the land for 170 hectares of private land containing beech forest and regenerating native bush.
Forest and Bird general counsel Peter Anderson said the decision appeared to be very out of character for DoC. Forest and Bird lawyer Sally Gepp encouraged Conservation Minister Maggie Barry to reconsider her priorities and stand up for conservation lands.

Unfortunately the country is degenerating and does not provide equal rights for all. Too many decisions are being made on an ethnic basis to the exclusion of all else. You only have to look at the Waitangi debacle. No two interpretations are the same, some claim more than on treaty exists, not to mention some of the more ridiculous claims being made under it. It is past it’s use by date and the issues will never be resolved and with times the claims will become even more outrageous. Time for it to be discarded and equality for all to be enshrined in this country, a country of all people as one people.

How soon will Ngati Kuia put their hand up and claim the mining rights on the basis that all minerals and wealth in the ground belong to them and then commence mining operations under a charitable trust so they pay no tax. This seems to be fairly common place today.

There are no indigenous people to this country, we are all immigrants no matter who you are, and I wouldn’t place too much importance on any claims to being the first people Maori oral history will tell you what happened to the so called first people. We now all need to move on as one people.

I actually happen to be a descendant of the first people who came from a great land far to the East called Patu-Nui-O-Aio. Maori did not come here smack them on the head and gobble them up but assimilated them into their own culture.

Now back to the topic - As for ToW claims - some are fully justified as in the case of the Ngai Tahu who agreed to sell the land EXCLUDING one tenth which had to be surveyed off and returned to Maori - from the day of the survey the southern people asked when they were to receive their justified and agreed share. It is not until the Ngai Tahu claim that they got compensated and even then not to the vlaue of the land in question.

Other claims are hogwash however - such as claims to the air and so on.

As for equal rights - yes you are right but I think heading partly down the wrong track - the off shore bankers, the politicians who dance to their tune and the wealthy business men run this country to the detriment of the rights of the REAL owners of the is country - the people. The citizens of this country are becoming more and more suppressed while the wealthy get wealthier. Today you need to be in your 60s to really have a benchmark against which to access your loss of rights and priviledges.
For example here is just one of a thousand examples of how YOUR rights have been eroded.

NOTE WELL - that we paid 5 Shillings or 50 cents for a twelve months miners right - this gave us unfettered access to any where on STATE land to pan, fossick and prospect for gold - ANYWHERE. Today you can only legally go to one of the eighteen or so designated fossicking areas! BUT AT LEAST ITS FREE - whoopsy f***ing Do!

Its time New Zealanders woke up to just HOW much their rights HAVE been eroded and do something aobut it.


The Maori got a deal, but it wasn’t a very good one, and the terms were unclear to them. The Treaty settlements are trying to rectify that.
But then you have the greater effects of the way Maori were treated, their Pa river water was polluted and they had to move, they were moved into cities, put into foster care (european), punished for speaking Te Reo, and many other disadvantages. Which perhaps have still not been righted.
However, there is certainly discrimination against other races, there is also a fair share of ‘white’ ferals. So their past treatment is by no means the cause of all of the current situation.

So some kind of recompense and enhancement to their chances to progress out of poverty (scholarships, funding of marae, cultural courses/programs, extra free education courses etc).

As for their cultural right over the land.
Well they have some traditions, that should be respected, not eating or going to the toilet atop mountains. Respecting the natural resources, taking only what you need. There are many with Maori blood taking more than their fair share (have a look at the shows where Fishery Officers inspect boats or shelfish catches).
What we need to define is where that extra say over the land begins and ends?

Can you imagine if every freedom camper was allowed one of those original miners rights, or even the feral masses (including those that take more than their share of Kaimoana).

We need to use the braindrain - to reduce our population. Then we can get our miners rights back, just restrict the tourists. Hey, this also solves our high dollar & housing crisis too :slight_smile:

Many Maori are their own worse enemy and want something for nothing - there were hardly any South Island ‘Maori’ until the Ngai Tahu claim went through then out of the wood work they popped! Now those who popped out of the woodwork after the claim went through suddenly wanted to become Maoris - I wonder why?

As or poverty - my dad and his siblings were raised on a Maori reserve - they were poor and yet some of them had ambition. My Uncle had an inquiring mind and worked hard to afford a camera and learnt how to use it then learnt how to develop his own films, he learnt how to make the families first crystal set radio then a proper radio. He worked hard to put himself through University and both he and my father rose to high positions in the Civil Service and both served overseas in WWII. Like many Maori today they had no chance - so they made themselves a niche, worked hard to pay their way and succeeded. In dads case the war did him a favour as he went to Uni on his soldiers rehabitation grant.

Having been on Marae committees I have seen the interesting manner in which people try to get money on all sorts of interesting pretexts. In some cases they genuinely need assistance to see to one matter or another but one classic case is the person who needed ‘X’ dollars to replace her glasses so she not only applied to our marae for the cost but also to other marae - result - new glasses and a handsome profit!

The scholarships etc ARE there for Maori - I have three kids who got between them awarded the Mana Pounamu Scholarship five times plus in my sons case scholarships to go through university. Maori Grants have enabled my kids to play provincial hockey. The scholarships are there and are available to those who apply.

Our marae and elements within the local community have worked hard to try to get water quality back in our polluted river BUT Environemt Canterbury obviously feel that they need to p lease the wealthy farmers and so they ‘compromise’ then next year yet another compromise, and each year more the farmers get more of what THEY want to the detriment of the environment.

The Miners right system worked a treat and do remember that no more people want to look for gold today per capita than they did then - indeed maybe more were keen then as dozens of other interests and distractions are available to people today to keep their mind off outdoor pursuits. Many young people would rather play video games etyc than spend a day gold panning! How many freedom campers would want a miners right? Not many I dont think. In my opinion they should be available to New Zealand citizens while the fossicking areas were still available to all including the freedom campers.

Could every freedom camper plus every good decent kiwi do this damage in their lifetimes on the basis of a miners right that gives you the right to fossick and pan with a pan and shovel or hand operated riffle box or cradle - somehow I dont think so. DoC sold their souls to the Devil and allowed this to go ahead on exchange for a palty sum of money! But big business talks - could you and I do this? Never. New Zealanders dont own the country any more - big business and wealthy bankers own it. That is evident.


lammerlaw I was told your a gypsy not a maori :slight_smile: not that it matters we are all one people.
You carnt put the blame on DOC its the govt that pawned mcrays off along with the best of the other decent mines we have/had in the country 15 /20 years ago, pleased to report the biggest alluvial mine in nz is going well last I heard over 2 ton of gold none of this overseas BS

How many freedom campers? A billion!
It would be the new thing, there would be mining camps deep into the bush FULL-HIPPIE-STYLE
They would do massive damage. Even someone with a detector & pan - can shift a tonne of dirt from a river bank. I draw the line there - because a sluice is too invassive - all you need is two people taking turns shoveling dirt for 8 hours etc
Detectorists, mostly target larger gold - it’s harder to find, they might have to swim down, dig a deep hole.
Panners, they test ground, they might dig down, and perhaps dig a large area too. But it’s much slower.

Just convinced myself, Perhaps things are not so bad right now.
EXCEPT - things like Waihi - that is ridiculous, they should be going back into the ranges (Coromandel/Kaimai) and tunneling, the low amount of gold & silver they recover at present for the destruction they cause is stupid. I guess we get a big swimming pool at the end :sunrise:

But the mining fees are stupid, they should lower the fee so that hobbists can get in.
They’d make a stack more money, as everyone would sign up for it.
Of coarse the greens would go BATSHITCRAZY!

1/4 Maori - and three quarters other. Doc were the ones who took the money re Macraes. The gold from Macraes goes overseas. I believe that the Rothschild family gets it. A 1 percent royalty is paid to government. The off shore bankers who loaned us money to create the welfare state on a fractional reserve system which can never be repaid now dictate what decisions government make more or less. The politicians are not the representatives of those who elected them in but are merely puppets to their puppet masters - the bankers.

Most freedom campers would not be in the least interested. When I used to get a miners right gold was escalating in value or beginning to and no one was really interested all that much.
The hippies in the bush would not last long as a Miners right only gave the right to fossick and anything you suggest above would require the next step - a mining Licence.
As for me - I am off with two of the Forum members who are good friends for three days Gold detecting in the mountains.

Oh yes the fees for hobby miners should indeed be lowered AND it should be made easier for them to get their wee claim…but remember that the off shore bankers think they own this country and YOU and I have no rights - the Government represents them and big business so that large minnig companies can pillage OUR country and ruin the landscape forever and we have no rights and cant even dig a few pans of dirt because of the ‘environmental affects’ - New Zealanders are sure gullible and complacent.

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don’t forget that its not just gold mining that stuffs up the landscape . look at the coal. just heard that the Stockton mine is going to extend their road to cross over to the bathhurst mine one big long road . will that mean that they will stop access to the back of the denniston area like they have blocked access at Stockton to the tiger river and other great areas?

That would depend on if there are any easements’ in place the best outcome would be if there is a paper road or formed road…they carnt close them but they can close a easement under the guise of “temporally closed”