Sluice box swap

I have a Keene A52 Hand Sluice. 1.275 long and width from 250 to 450cm. In good condition. Has additional screw on legs. I would like to swap it with a smaller (preferably) Keene sluicebox, Ideally one that folds that can be strapped to a backpack.

Located in Arrowtown.

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Hi Shelia, I use a “Jobe Folding Sluice box”, for exactly the reason you probably want to, that your Hand Sluice is bulky and hard to carry around.
I bought it from Dredge NZ, and it has done the job for me, except find me much gold! Maybe it has something to do with the operator,me,haha.
The only thing that always worries me though, is that the bolts and nuts you have to do up and undo each time you use it, fall out amongst the rocks in the riverbed! Now that would be fun to have to find back.
Good luck with whatever you get! Ben.

Thanks for the info Ben.

hi shelia i have the a51 keene sluice box if ya want it smaller than a52 i also have the jobe foldable backpack sluice

Hi there,

Excellent. How much do you want for each of them and what is their condition?


condition is a51 used 5 to 10 times very good condition and jobe foldable sluice is brand new used twice comes with carry…shoulder handle i brought of ian at 45 degrees when his shop was open 420 i paid for fldable jobe and cant remember what i paid for a51 but all ligit i know soon as you walk out the door with brand new item it devalues to half so it would be clean swap for your sluice with legs for foldable sluice or if you want both a51 and foldable backpack sluice then i can make a very acceptable deal for you

you can phone me on 0223121475 danno and i live arthurs point queenstown just let me know what you want and we sort it so we both happy …to easy

ps if i dont reply to call its cause i am flying or mining i wll get back to ya