Sluice box dilemma

I am looking to buy a sluice box for Placer [fine alluvial] gold.

I think that I have narrowed it down to a Keene A51A 838L x 279w x 79h or a Keene A51 915L x 254w x 115h

Does anybody have opinions on these 2 quite similar sluices?

I’ve got one for sale 021535768

Don’t overlook the ez sluice. Some of the places I go is packed with ultra fines and with correct setup ( any sluice requires correct setup!) It’s the ducks nuts. For ages I checked my tailings to topple check I wasn’t losing anything and almost never found anything in my tailings. Great we sluice and easily transported and cheaper than the keene limited experience with the keene ones found they needed abit more water pressure and volume to move material suitably which could result in losing some fines. Don’t quote me tho. Sorry I can’t help further buddy. Goodluck!

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Hi thanks for the offer, … my partner is buying one for me. So I will push for a new one. Lucky me.

If you put the sluice details here, some one else will grab it.

I looked at the ez sluice on You tube…it appeared to be rigid plastic, and they put a fair bit of pressure on the sides to dismantle the sluice for gold recovery.

I liked your mention of higher water pressure required for the keene sluices. The 2 sluices I am looking at have different width flares and chutes which will have an effect on the water flow rates. [I can always build rock weirs though].

Thanks for your input