Slab Hut Revisited

Time for a weekend away.

First day Saturday was scratching off some overburden. Happy days - gold glitter in the sluice.

But big disappointment. As I was doing the end of day clean up the gold and some mercury ended up in the pan.

But I got home and burnt it off and ended up with this

Sunday, nice and sunny. Learnt my lesson. Any gold in the sluice gut sucked up into my snuffer bottle. Ended up with this.

Feeling a bit tired and sore on Monday. It was grey. My hole was deep and it was chilly. But ended up with this

Called it quits and my spot looked like this

And after combining the snuffer bottles and burnt of gold ended up with this. I think my best ever result for a weekend away.


Nice result :slight_smile: So did the mercury come pre coated on some of the gold you found?

@gavin Mercury was separate. I could see the gold in the top of the sluice. But didn’t think to look for mercury in there somewhere. After I finished the end of day pan all the gold had gone - and I was left with those gold covered mercury.

Also found a few nice garnets for my collection.

Interesting, I wasn’t expecting the mercury to be free. A bit worrying seeing it in the creek.

We passed thru there on friday afternoon. Were you across the river from the camp ?

Probably too early for me. Likely a couple of guys from Timaru way.

There must be a bit around @gavin . I met some people last year who found a bit of it as well.

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You should not have burnt it off as it was worth money to

its better to see gold rather than mercury I think however it would have been a great historic specimen of when they separated gold from ore or minerals with mercury ,perhaps.
some warnings ,
mercury is volatile at room temperature apparently risk not to be inhaled, as you alert us too,

what a find ! merc. coated gold !! cheers for posting that ,.

Stopped in there for lunch today. Water low but sluice will still run with dam. Couple of guys pulled over a gram out in the morning

Mercury is good stuff. At school we were given a charcoal block, bunsen burner and blowpipe then a pile of mercury oxide and we would reduce the Mercury oxide by heating it to 500 dègrees plus to burn the oxygen off and reduce the mercury oxide to liquid mercury.
Of course continued heat would evaporate the mercury so we were all breathing mercury vapour.
They say that mercury vapour gets into the brain, into the brain, into the brain and you become quite mad, become quite mad, become quite mad…thank goodness it didnt affect me, affect me, affect me.
Mercury was used in the manufacture of hats and the hatters became quite mad, quite mad, quite mad as the mercury accumulated in their brain, in their brain, in their brain, hence the saying as ‘mad as a hatter.’
In the 1980s gold fossicking in Deep Stream which is Dunedins water reserve l found a lot of mercury in a certain area. I guess this could account for why many Dunedinites could get leading roles in ‘The Walking Dead.’
From this l could safely conclude that many DCC bosses are immune as mercury only affects brains and not arseholes.


Well that explains why you are like you are. :joy: :joy: :joy:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Lammerlaw, thank you, your posts are always worth a read, they make me smile while most stuff online just pisses me off. Cheers