Site Feature Request - Topo Map Link

Your requests here.

Can you put a link to your topo maps at the top of the Paydirt site.
It’s bloody useful for sniffing out old gold sites & other coin detecting locations, Gavin?

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Cheers for the big up :slight_smile: However, maybe a general resources topic could be created for sharing useful sites. For instance, in Canterbury users might like this Historical Aerial Imagery site - ArcGIS Web Application

It’s possible to turn pages into wiki’s but I haven’t had a play with that yet… over to the sandpit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Will you add the maps on this site gavin? Also the public fossicking area lists for newbies ect.

Scroll to the top of the page and you’ll get the links. They hide themselves when you start to scroll down. The original site will still exist, but I’m hoping to give it a refresh too when time allows and add a few new features.

Just noticed that the links can stop appearing after a while and need a page refresh. Will look in to fixing.

BTW if you type @gavin instead of gavin, I’ll get a message telling me I was mentioned and so won’t miss the post. Same as me typing @Gavzilla :wink: handy feature to stay in the loop!