Single output detectors

Hi all, a quick question about detectors. I bought a single sided earphone off ebay and it says it works with single output detectors. Does this mean only a single earphone socket? I have a Goldbug Dp with two outlets, small and large but no go.

Would guess by “single output” they mean mono.
If so, if you plugged it into a stereo outlet, you should ideally get both channels through the one earpiece. Sounds like it’s wired for one channel only, which isn’t matching your socket, and not bridged with both L & R connected together?

…Or it could be faulty. Try it on something else, see if you get any tweets out of it. I know some smartphones use different plugs/sockets which won’t work with normal audio stereo plugs.

Any pics of the plug on the earpiece or a link to the listing?

Well, that’s a stereo plug, so you should get something… Try it in an audio system. If those are the DetectorPro ones, I’d be surprised if they were dud.