Simple Value for money Detector

Not sure if anyone has heard of these.

They are quite simple entry level, but very versatile machine.
I discovered it while watching a european detectorist videos.

He also used one of these spades, I love it! The concave end makes it easier to deal with rocky ground.

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Yeap Ive got one of these spades. They had them for sale at Nicols garden centre in Cromwell. Not sure if they still sell them though

Never seen one of those spades - its tops - in fact it must be the Ace of Spades! If I see one I must get it providing it will handle the sort of punishment I mete out to my shovels, spades etc.

Looks like one of the other forum members might need this exact spade to get him out of a hole he has created for himself on this forum RE - Topic “Central Otago report 1819”

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Did a hunt with a guy who dragged out an ancient C-Scope from the car boot. Felt a bit sorry for him, until he pulled a silver ring and a bespoke Victorian belt buckle…

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I’m designing a light weight hard wearing metal detecting spade, and will incorporate some of the great features I see in this one.

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Thats a great idea…I like that. I dont know if you know post hole spades - they had blades that were rounded and tapered and very good - like this one

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If you had one from 1918 in mint condition and definitely museum quality, it might be worth say $ 2,500.

Do you mean a Spear and Jackson shovel or ‘that’ book. Well amongst other things hanging on my wall is a second hand dealers licence. I do not deal but I do give valuations and the licence has lapsed in any case but if it is the book you refer to then in pristine condition it is worth no more than around the $125 already quoted. I have many books ex stock never opened including some of those reports, an unopened copy of the 1886 book Defenders of New Zealand by Gudgeon all leather bound, Herries Beatties books never opened and their value might be a premium but still not more than say ten percent of an average copy.

Best tools you can buy:


I once had a booklet of Colin Mchan prints, and while I got good coin, never got $ 2,500.

anyway I am digressing to the forbidden topic, for gold detecting I thing a more versatile tool is required which is like a pick and digger at the same time.

A mattock is my go to tool, great on shelly beaches and for prying large rocks.

But for Sand, Mud and digging deep holes a spade is essential.
Also superior in my opinion for coin hunting with the Slit cut method.

@rgmcbrid the Ground Shark is cool, I’m going to add a serrated side to my spade!

Yeah, I am often torn between taking a small pick or a small spade when out on gold detecting excursions. The pick is better for hammering and raking, but the spade is better for actually shovelling and prying rocks.

Maybe it would just be easier to take the wife who can carry all the necessary paraphenalia.

Lol, wouldn’t know, never had one

Where do I buy this Wife? What price range are they?


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They come in all shapes and sizes, I would suggest some window shopping first.

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I found a great russian website