Show us your maps/charts!

Hi all…wondering if any of you fellas or fellessus have any cool old gold maps or charts of NZ they could share with us!!!..good quality image be good…thanks all!!

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Here’s a couple to get things started…

Otago goldfields


Got a few oldies kicking around, if I can find 'em.
Here’s Nelson, 1860

Big image - Click on it, then right click [View Image] can then zoom in.


Hi Mal,
This is one I use a lot. It goes back to 1899 in some places and you can compare the maps over different years right up to current including airphotos. Actually,
I’m heading out to one site next week for three days as a result of research on these maps.MapsPast | Current and historical topographic maps (topomaps) of New Zealand


Quite good, has put a name to the original block owner of my Wairarapa permission, cheers!