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Show us ya Gold!

I would just like to say well done for today JW, I know you will post shortly

they are all each under a gram sadly, still nice to look at :sunglasses:

Just a huge shout out to all the awesome paydirt members I met and received advice from over the past year on The Mainland. It is inspiring when people want to share and give a few pointers; thank you so much. We crossed the strait yesterday and are already frustrated by the traffic and dull scenary. Regards Ingguy PS… will be back home on the Coromandel Friday so will be out and about before the summer surge


Hi all
Took the nox out for a look around on Sunday
Went back over some ground I know has been checked and came up with these bits totalling 3.3 grams. Went back after work a couple of days later and had another scratch around for the 2 small bits in the second picture. Running the nox on gold 2 at 20 .The little bits read 1 and 2 as usual (just like shotgun pellets) but the bigger bits were 4-6 and the biggest one was a 10 - 12 and would usually be a hot rock but the tone was louder and sharper.

A good day out!


Hey fisher- man that’s awesome :ok_hand: I just bought a nox and slowly learning the machine

Hey Mr Miagi
Great machine and I’m still working it out as well :laughing:
There seem to be different types of hot rocks as someone previously said but I have to say the gold was louder and more insistent?
Enjoy the Nox - they are awesome- one of those small bits was about 4 inches down
Looking forward to seeing some of your finds posted soon