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Show us ya Gold!

Nice one always love to see all the nuggets you pull out! If only I could say only 0.25 of a gram, we have got a fair share of alluvial gold in the past sometimes we get great hauls (at least for digging by hand) but never anything more then 0.3 of a gram, even in these gully’s undetected that had plenty of nuggets in their day came out with nothing even though we found a bunch of pickers in the hole we dug. When detecting do you always want the bedrock to be within the detectors reach (at least in creek beds), as I thought maybe thats the issue as the clay is often a bit too deep or maybe our detector is not sensitive enhough (although plenty of other people have had good success with it). You often seem to be mining outside of creeks is it just the creeks flood plain or an old river bed or old tailings is that where all the nuggets are and with all your time of expertise you have just got a great spot and im yet to strike a spot good enhough to detect well? Just wondering as I have never had any luck with our gold monster 1000 in all the hours I have spent on it and I just really feel like im doing something wrong, maybe if I had found even a 0.01 gram piece with it (it can detect even smaller then that) I would be happy, but no matter how much time on the detector never any luck for gold. I always just feel im doing something totatlly wrong.

Sorry I rambled on a bit there Ill be totally honest whenever I see other people with handful’s of nuggets on a detector I really just go lucky bugger XD (probably a bit rude to say that about anyone considering im still more or less an amateur especially when it comes to detecting) and always wish I could just find at least something golden with it.

Love the gold though make sure to keep it up!



Hi Sluicer, I live in Queenstown so right in the heart of gold country. Having said that though, I don’t do a lot of detecting in the immediate area. Mostly further afield but all in Central Otago. Yes I detect outside of creeks & rivers. They are all claimed around here any way. I go up in the hills away from present day claims & where the old time miners brought water onto their claims by water race. That is why some gold is still there as they weren’t that efficient with the limited water they had. If they had plenty of water then they did a pretty good good of getting most of the gold.

The Gold monster is a great little detector. Very sensitive on small tiny gold but it does need to be close to the coil. Sure if a bigger bit is there it will get that at a bit more depth but it is limited by the small size coils it has & besides, the bigger gold is usually the first to be found. So if detectors have been over the ground the bigger bits have most likely already gone. The GM is best suited for bed rock detecting where the gold is shallow but the gold does need to be there in the first place.

I do live & breath detecting for gold though & most of my spare time is out there doing it. Going away for the weekend in the caravan to chase the little yellow buggers. I just love getting out there. Gold or no gold. All good fun.

Where abouts are you?


Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks a lot. Normally whilst detecting its one these 3 places,

#1, Charleston we go on family holidays there all the time and have spent ages detecting most of the rivers in the area, but the gold there is some of the finest in NZ so I never expected anything there.

#2, Goldsborough (and most other public sites but spent the most time detecting at goldsborough) spent ages on the public site detecting over the shallow clay but as expected nothing, we have pulled out larger 0.1 of a gram pieces there from our holes and I have heard of people picking up huge nugget’s there even as recently as a few month’s ago but we never anything with detector (it is a public site though so can’t say much).

But then site #3 this is the one that annoy’s me, Its our friend’s private claim they have mined it as a family for close to 50 year’s now and they assure me no one has ever detected there but they have never mined up in the gully’s yet and you can see the clean ups from their digger works lower downstream and there are handful’s of nuggets, the nuggets and picker’s make up a good 1/2 of the weight not just more alluvial flakes, in these gully’s the bottom is clay and it ranges from about 10CM-1M deep (no crevices in the shallowing stuff on the banks the bedrock under the flow is normally a lot deeper) but I can never pick up anything even though we dug a solid hole down to the clay and we found about 10 0.3-0.2 gram pickers deeper down I can just never pick up anything on the coil.
Maybe its the clay needs to be at its deepest point or maybe I just havent spent long enhough (probably only a day’s worth detecting there overall but I always detect our holes and the surronding area as well).


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Hi guys, I found a crazy small bit of gold on Saturday with the 15" Concentric coil down about 4 inches.

I don’t know how that is going to compare with the new GPX 6000 but with a few finds coming in now with the 6000 it will be very interesting to see. Not forgetting that this is a 15" coil on my Zed & not an 11" like I am seeing on the 6000 finds.

I wandered on down this sunburnt gully but found no more with the Zed but did get an even smaller piece with the Gold Monster.

At the bottom end of this well worked & turned over gully from back in the early gold rush days of the early to mid 1860’s is an old “Chinese” rock overhang hut shelter. I say Chinese as they were well known for building these kind of dwellings but it could have well & truly been European too. They had piled stacks of flat schist rock to close it in from the elements. I have come across many of these type dwellings over the years when wandering the hills & far off gullies.

This particular one I have know about for many years & always thought to myself that I should go inside it & detect for what ever may have been lost or hidden or just dropped by the original dwellers. Trouble is that it has always had a lot of briar rose bushes growing tightly up against its entrances. This time with the Gold Monster in hand & wandered down to it & to my surprise quite a bit of the briar had died off & I was able to crawl into one of the openings.

This is the hole I climbed in through.

It is at the top end of the dwelling & the ground here was raised up quite a bit more than the lower end.

I then spun around & this pic is looking down to the bottom end. Quite a few of the schist stone slabs have fallen down. Note the briar rose growing in the openings.

I started to detect the inside of the stacked schist slab walls for anything that the inhabitants may have hidden or stashed in between the layers of schist. I got a strong non ferrous signal in one spot where the stacked schist had a dried mud mortar packed in-between the schist layers. I scraped away at this with my scoop & gathered the scrapings into the scoop & scanned it over the coil. BANG. Loud signal. Hoping it was a stash of gold nuggets or coins, but it was an old bullet. I scanned the spot again & another signal. Ended up getting 4 of these old bullets out of the hole that the mud mortar was in & had been hiding them.

The handle end of the scoop is pointing to the hole. You can still see some of the dried mud in there.

This pic is looking back up to the higher built area from the start of the lower bottom end of the dwelling. That is the hole I climbed in.

These next two pics taken a bit further down again. Again notice the briar rose growing in the openings.

I also found quite a few old square nails on the floor. They had laid flat schist on the floor but over time there was a layer of dirt covering it. There were also nails hammered into the outside face of the schist rock above the overhang. This would have been to nail canvas up that was probably rolled up during the day to let light it. There was also still some mud packing on the outside where the top of the canvas would have been. This would have been to seal the canvas top edge to stop water running running down & into the dwelling. There was also a bigger spike hammered into the outside of the schist that may have been to hang a lantern on.

It is at the bottom end of a gully that has been heavily worked & turned over. I have found some good gold here over the years but getting very hard to find any these days. It is a dry gully & has no water at all. They would have had to of carted the paydirt off to the nearest creek to wash it. So they only took the bottom richest layer. They threw quite a bit of gold out on to their piles in reaching for the richer bottom layer. Bless their little golden hearts

These are the bullets & the gold I found. The 5 bits are with the Gold monster & the one by itself was the piece with the Zed & 15" coil.

The bullets are 12 mm rim pinfire bullets for a hand revolver & was a very common weapon on the goldfields in the early gold rush days of the 1860’s.

Thank you to Lammerlaw for the photo of the revolver from his personal antique gun collection that takes these bullets.


One of the Bullets was exactly like this one.
The other three were the same as this one.

Pretty cool find I reckon.

This was the gold found with the Gold monster

Cheers & Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Cool bit of history JW as always nice pics keep em comeing

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Shit John - where did you find that heater - just the sort of thing I collect - you should donate it to a charitable cause. Its a cracker! Belgium, about 1860.
Eggzactly the same as one found a while ago in lake Waihola.

In the photo you can see the slots in the cylinder where the pins on the cartridges poke through. The only draw back with these cartridges was the fact that each cartridge had its own protruding firing pin so that if you were mad enough to have a pocket full and fell of your horse it could well be a bang and a case of, “Fuck mum where did my leg go?”

These are original packets made pre 1908 and were found amongst all the junk at a Dunedin gun shop within the last five or six years. Four still full and the other opened with about 20 cartridges.

Love the gold!


Bit of an update since Easter weekend.

Saturday of ANZAC weekend I headed to a local Queenstown spot with the GPZ 7000 & the 15" concentric X coil. It was pretty hard going on the gold front but I eventually got a signal that lived on down into the bedrock schist past the shot gun pellets.

Smashing out the schist

I knew it was going to be a bit of gold.

.05 of a gram :roll_eyes:

On ANZAC day itself I went further afield & ended up doing not too bad. Ended up getting heaps of shot gun pellets & .22 shells & there lead bullet heads as well courtesy of bloody rabbit shooters. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: They are part & parcel of this game, unfortunately & can make it real shit.

My first signal that got to below the shot gun pellet layer.

Was a bit of gold

Before back filling the hole I re checked it & got another signal in the side wall.

Another piece of gold. So two from the one dig.

I ended up getting 9 pieces from this small area one after the other as I worked my way down along side a fence line.

This was my biggest bit of the day.

Not too shabby

2.33 grams

Even got a tiddler at .05 of a gram. Admittedly it wasn’t deep at about 1 inch

But that is Gold Monster size gold & for a coil of that size it just blows me away.

Just before I called it quits I was detecting the edges of exposed schist bedrock where the bedrock dropped into deeper ground. Hoping to find something that edge of bedrock had halted its progress. I got a faint but definite signal. Dug down on it & it lived past the shoot gun pellet horizon & into tight packed gravels.

My 2nd biggest bit for the day

12 pieces total

Went back yesterday hoping for great things but only managed two small ones after the good run on Sunday.

.10 of a gram

And .15 of a gram

Thats my update.

Cheers & Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


beauty mate well done some beautiful gold

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Kiwijw, if one were to go through this thread and the old paydirt forum an add up all your finds i think theyd be blown away with the end tally!!!
You must have 1 heck of a hoarde now, good work youve earned every speck flake and nugget :slight_smile:


Exciting stuff & best story for a while. Thanks JW

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What a bloody ripper, well done on that one.

Whats the weight Sean

Thank you gogold. No gold is easy gold but I just love getting out there & I am out there most weekends depending on the rain gods.
Went out this weekend on both days. It was hard yakka for 9 small bits. But no catch a release.

What blows me away is that this was all found with a 15" coil & off ground I have done to death with my previous minelab PI’s & many coil combos.

All my gold is pretty small gold so the overall the weight isn’t quite what you might think it is But all the small bits do add up.


Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


2.6g from memory the biggest peace I have found


Nice-good work

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Well its been a while between drinks…but just came back from my last dredging mission for the season (wait for the next episode)…we got a few wee nuggs… biggest bit …0.64 grams…total here 15.1 grams … Central Otago …reputably some of the purest gold in the country…so very shiney!..big thanks to the GC’s for sharing their passion and special spot with me…and my wife for not divorcing…lol!


she might not divorce you,but i hope she stops
over feeding you.bloody nice Mal