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Show us ya Gold!

Nice one, Goldsborough is one of our favourite public sites and we have been there at least a dozen times if not more and always get reasonable gold maybe we could catch up some time :smile: . See you later

Yeah sounds good to me just came back from Goldsborough spend few hours prospecting found 3 kind of ok spots 15 to 20 color a pan so will get my sluice out next weekend ;)…

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I have a bit of catching up to do.

A friend & I went to a spot we hadn’t been to for a couple of years. Back then I was using the GPZ & ML 14 x 13 coil & got about 6 bits. My friend was using his 4500 & 14 x 9 Nugget Finder Evo coil. He got skunked. We hadn’t been back there since but he now also has a GPZ & one of these 15" concentric Russian made X coils. So we thought we would try this spot again. I went over the oldtimer gully workings & got one little piece. He got nothing here & decided to try the next little gully over. He never got there as he ended up finding a wee patch on the rise between the two gullies. He ended up with 15 bits that day for just over 3 grams.
He told me to come on over & give it a go. I said no its your find you keep on going. Later on he told me again to give it a shot. So an hour after that I wandered over & tried below where he had been. I got one small bit & that was it.

We went back on another day separately as he had to be home earlier & he went to the spot earlier than me & when I got there he was just leaving but got another 15 for just over 3 grams again.

I detected over his first days finds area very carefully & slowly. I was leaving the virgin ground for him as it was his find & that was the right thing to do.

Well I got my first signal pretty quickly.

Ended up being 1.2 grams

Before back filling the hole I re checked the hole & the dig out dirt. Ended up getting 4 more bits out of the dig out pile. I had a feeling there would be more smaller gold that the 15" Coil wouldn’t be getting so I just placed a flat slab of schist over the hole & decided I would come back another day with the Gold Monster to check it over.

I ended up with 12 bits for the afternoon & the last one was the 2nd biggest. So I called it quits on that note.

That was a bit of fun for the afternoon.

I got a signal that had me dig down to the bedrock that exposed a crack that I thought the signal was coming from. So I raked the point of the pick through it trying open it up & break into it. No joy, signal still in there. So I started smashing at the bedrock but it was hard as hell & giving my pick a hard time. I then noticed that the signal was more coming from the left side from the crack & there was no way I could smash it to get at it. So I decided I would bring back my battery powered hammer/drill.

My mate & I went back the next saturday & this time I had my Gold Monster & the hammer drill.

I went straight to my first dig hole to see if the Gold monster would ping any more bits from the dug out pile. It got 9. Crazy. I got a few others with the 15" coil on the Zed among the dug over area that my mate had been over. I then went to find my bedrock with the crack in it. I hadn’t told my mate of that & he had back filled the hole when he tidied up his diggings. I was able to get the signal again & soon had the dirt back out & exposed the crack. Got stuck into it with the hammer drill.

Ended up being a .44 gram piece

Then things dried up for me so I decided to go back to my first hole & dig it up again & just make the hole bigger wider deeper digging more out of it. That paid off & I got another 9 bits. Both with the Gold Monster & the Zed.

Ended up with 24 pieces for the day.

Well believe it or not my mate & I headed back again on Easter Friday. We went along the hill side a couple of gullies further but on the same horizon level seeing if we couldn’t pick up on a continuation of this deposit. We didn’t so we gravitated back to his patch area. He went over his old ground again & managed to get two bits fairly early in the peace. I was having no luck what so ever so I dropped down lower below his patch area & to cut a long story short I got 22 bits for the day. They were crazy small for that 15" coil. That is all I used as I didn’t take the gold monster this time. I couldn’t believe the small gold this coil got. Insane.

Loving this coil. :heart_eyes:

Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Great going John - I am jellyarse. I got a bit down from where you and Henry were - I think there could be quite a lot there as I only scratched the surface really but had to come home - bugger it all.


Check these puppies out.

I went out again yesterday arvo to a local spot for a three hour detect. Got another little honey hole. :slightly_smiling_face: This 15" coil is just crazy good.

All but one came from this one dig.

1.67 grams :laughing:

Nice rich colour of gold.

Best of luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Hey I cant see the photos - not fair!

Why not? I can.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I can see your previous ones but not last ones. Such is life.

Got three nice nuggets testerday.

A mutual friend is there until Friday. For four or five days has six bottles to keep himself happy.

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I can’t either.Same as Lammerlaw.
Whats your read as to repeated findings on different days from same spot.(ground/atmospheric conditions) or just a new approach?.

You cant see the pics either. I will edit the post & re attach the pics & see if that helps. Strange, as I can see them.

As to repeated findings on different days on my friends wee patch find. I just went really slowly & very thoroughly over the ground he had been over. I grid work to a pattern with technique where as he just seems to wander around here & there with no game plan or structure & so misses spots & gold. I guess we all miss gold but I was very surprised that my very first piece was the biggest that came off the patch at 1.2 grams. That first find became a little glory hole & produced 23 pieces. 18 of those were with using a different detector that I went back with that is a lot more sensitive to tiny gold. The Gold Monster 1000. My friend & I went back again yesterday & I took with me two smaller coils for my GPZ 7000. A 10" & a 12 x 8 elliptical & I took the gold monster again. The first coil I was using on the GPZ was a 15" concentric wound coil. So the smaller coils are more sensitive on smaller gold but they also have the advantage of being able to be poked & prodded into spots the 15" coil couldn’t. Like in-between thyme bushes, in, under & around briar rose bushes, rocks & tussocks.
So the last 2 photos in the previous post to the above, that gold was found with the 15" coil. Yesterday I hit the same ground with the gold monster & got this.

First piece

Ended up with 16 pieces to the gold monster

I then put the 12 x 8 inch coil on the GPZ & went back over some of the ground I had previous worked with the 15" coil but focused more on spots I hadn’t been able to get the 15" coil into but in areas where I had got gold with the 15" coil.

You will see in this next pic that I was able to run the 12 x 8 coil down between these two thyme bushes that I wasn’t able to do with the 15". BANG…got a signal.

Piece of gold

I ended up getting two more pieces out of that one dig & a total of 6 pieces with that 12 x 8 coil from spots I couldnt get the 15" into.

My total for the day

My friend went back by himself the day before as well & it was the first time he had used a smaller coil on his GPZ. He used an 8" & got 13 more bits. Again in spots he was unable to swing his 15" coil. I didn’t bother going where he had been with that coil & yesterday he got 4. I would say that is the end of that spot. We were starting to really scrape the barrel.
So for me it wasn’t so much getting gold off the same ground by using the same detector & coil combo but by using a different detector, Gold Monster, & changing coil size on my GPZ.

But yes atmospheric conditions can & do come in to play. As does cold ground, hot ground, wet & damp ground. This was a lot more noticeable with the pulse induction Minelabs.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi Graeme, Can you see the other pics now?

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Can now John…l am jealous again.

Wish l was still there but had to get home.

The two people poaching our old claim are back there and vave been there a week. Must be doing ok as they are travelling from Christchurch.

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Very interesting and good explaination.Might have to get a GM.

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The Gold Monster is very affordable, super easy detector to use & deadly on small/tiny gold close to the coil. Ideal for me to check my dig out spoils. A great bedrock detector for those tiny bits.

I went back to this dig hole yesterday with the GM

Where I got this with the 15" X coil on the Zed.

& got two more tiny bits that the 15" missed.

This happens a lot using the GM on a dig from the bigger coil. Here is another example. Initial gold signal was found with the same 15" coil that got me down in depth. You can just see the green tip of my scoop sticking out of the hole. That is 12 inches long.

The piece of gold was in a crevice in the schist bed rock.

There was another signal in the hole but I used the GM to better pinpoint it with

Doing this with the GM lead to more smaller gold finds.

Ended up finding 10 other bits with the GM once the bigger bit with the 15" coil got me down to that depth so the GM could hit on those smaller bits. There was no way the GM would have heard those from the surface but once down in the hole the GM was a lot easier to negotiate around the hole mopping those smaller ones up.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Water’s getting a bit chilly now, might have to break the detector out a bit more myself now over winter! The little honey spot last time ran out unfortunately…


Looks good Gav. Bloody nice. Good on you mate. There will be more there. Go deeper. :wink: Yep certainly cooling down now.

I went back to a spot I hadn’t been to for quite a while as the last few times in there with the GPZ 7000 & the ML 14 x 13 coil got me nothing. Bring on this 15" Concentric Russian made X coil & game on again.

4 small bits for a coil of this size is just crazy. But I am loving it. Not so much the small gold, could always be bigger :joy: but the fact I got more gold here at all.

Out of cracks & crevices in the schist bedrock

Good luck out there.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Lol, I was down to bedrock. Bit slow going though as about chest deep and big bolders to keep rolling out of the way. Keep trying to chase the pay streak :wink:

That’s be effective machine / coil combo to keep picking up those tiny bits!

Bloody hard yacker that gold dredging. :wink: Especially in the conditions you were down to. Such is gold though. You never know what’s hiding under that next bolder.

Yes the Zed & X coil combinations are king at the moment. I cant wait to see how the new GPX 6000 compares. Personally I don’t think it will match & wont be better than the Zed/X coil combo’s. Time will tell.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Double post. Sorry

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Went out for a quick afternoon detect yesterday & managed just one small sucker. A place I have hammered over the years but I hadn’t had the 15" concentric X coil on the Zed in there. I wasn’t holding my breath on getting anything as that size coil is not ideal to use in there due to the rocky uneven nature of the old timer workings & the jagged rough exposed schist bedrock.

But I got a very faint signal through a flat slab of schist rock. I had to flip the slab over & out of the way.

The signal was still down in the gravels.

It took a bit more digging & scraping to finally get the signal out.

Only .25 of a gram :roll_eyes: But no catch & release. :sweat_smile: I was very impressed with the depth for the small size bit of gold & that 15" coil.

Went out again today for another quick afternoon detect & again only managed one bit. If I was surprised at the depth of that small piece yesterday this one just blew me away. Ok it was a bit bigger at .85 of a gram.

This was after I had scraped off a couple of inches as I wasn’t too sure if it was a signal or not.

It improved slightly but was still very faint & so I guessed it was going to be down quite a bit. I was still in a top soil loam so I got stuck into the dig until I was starting to peel out schist gravels.

The signal had improved heaps but was still in the tight packed gravels. I was liking my chances now.

The dig was directly underneath powerlines & no EMI or interference at all.

This is looking directly up.

Finally the signal was out. That scoop is 12" long

Coil is 15" diameter

.85 of a gram. Still pretty small but insane depth & also from beneath powerlines.


Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face: