Shotover River Webcam

Does anyone know of any webcams that show the Shotover River?

Looking for a nice remote method to monitor the colour of the water to see if it’s worth making the effort to visit for a play in the water.

Hi Gav, Phone Shotover Jet for a heads up on river conditions & flow.

JW :slight_smile: have water flows at shotover. you generally can tell what the water is likely to be if you know what the normal flow is.

Or. You can contact me as I live above the river it’s always in my view except when it’s dark then I can’t see anything! Also I’m a member of shot over gold diggers ltd , as I believe you are Gavin :smile:

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Lol, I think they might get wise to me after a few calls :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers, already using that site. But I have been caught out with poor visibility in the past due to rain overnight in the headwaters that didn’t really increase flow much. Was in the water at the time and could see the line of discolouration come down to me, then past, ending the days fun.

I forgot you said you lived up there. Legend… I’ll probably be ringing you quite soon! :wink: