Shopping for a new detector

Hi all,
I 'am shopping for a new detector. Haven’t had a good run with 2 Garretts. In fact I’ve got a AT Pro with 2 coils going for free if anyone wants them.
Looking at a Minelab E-trac for $1,889. Anyone had any luck with one of these ?

Hi Bruce I would be interested in your old Garrett AT Pro and coils. David

Also interested in the AT Pro with coils im wanting to start some coil swinging

what area are you in mate? would you be interested in a swap? email me at if you are interested in a swap of machines etc! cheers.

Hi Bruce,
My boy is keen on taking up Metal Detecting as a hobby, so I would be interested in acquiring your AT Pro & coils as an early present from Santa.
I will be pleased to pay for freight too.

What do you think?


All That Glitters Is Not Gold ! I live in
Pakuranga Auckland and I 'am not posting it. The AT Pro turns on and appears to be working , so I think it could be the plug. I paid $40 to have it checked and they couldn’t find what was wrong. I rang the place I brought from who fix them and they said over the phone without looking at it that it would cost $500. I emailed dealers around America and Australia and they say that Garrett says you have to take it back to where I brought it from. The over seas dealers then emailed the North Shore dealer who then sent me nasty emails. I must have given them a bad name. I have another Garrett detector with another horror story.

G’day Bruce, nice to hear from.
Shame about your Garrett detectors as they generally have a good reputation. They do play up, even my Ace is playing up after six years but i will say i’ve got a great deal of worth from it so far.
Good or bad tell us about the other Garrett.



Hi there if your interested have a look at the Garrett atx extreme I recently put of for $3000, excellent machine.

Sounds like you got a couple of duds there Bruce.i purchased my AT PRO a while back from Kelly co detectors in the states.and apart from the arm rest cracking have had a great run …ie found a lot of stuff over the years,.and still get it out of the cupboard when i get the urge.the feed back on the new atx seems ok.depends i guess on what you are hoping to find…i just purchased a gpx 5000 from the minelab dealer at rangiora and are confident if any problems arise they will be sorted…goodluck with your detecting

Ancient history, but hoping these are still available?

  • Never mind - just seen that he was last here 6 months ago.