Shocking finds in School Playgrounds

To be quite honest, I’m quite shocked at what I’ve found in my local primary schools playgrounds. I even found a live bullet! So pleased I detected these to keep the kids safe.


Hell that’s alot…the trash to good stuff ratio is rite on par with my finds

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Standard selection for a school I’d say, good work taking it out of there - First time I’ve seen a bra cup wire found detecting though :grin:

What about these buggers I eyeballed on the grass in my sleepy little town where everyone is “all nice and above board” …!


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Eew nasty. Glad I didn’t find any of those!

Hmm, needle looks too big for human drug use, probably animal antibiotic.

Thought it may have been insulin, but will take your word for it.
All needles look huge to me - especially when being wielded by a doctor who’s late for his golf game.


Absolutely true, ow, pointy.

I’ve found a needle at a quiet out of the way beach, sad really.
Glad it’s not as bad as overseas.

I had one of those injection needles break off inside me as the doctor gave me an injection when I was a kid - I cant say that I like needles!

Yes, the needles that vets use on horses are about that big.

They must have left it in there. Might explain why you are like you are. :joy: :wink:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Aw at least my old lady still loves me but shes fucking dead at the moment!

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Oh…I still love you mate :kissing_heart:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Aw - well next time I see you I expect dancing girls!