Share in mining permit

Hello all, i am posting to share an opportunity to be involved in a mining permit on the upper clutha. i am offering a 50 percent stake of permit number 60299. i am moving away for a few years for work and would like to have the claim still functioning whist away. the offer is for the remaining time left on the lease which is to end in 2027. this ground is chocka with alluvial gold and i have been successful in working it as a full time dredger, and have maybe worked 1 percent of this claim . please message for more information if you are interested in being involved on this great mining lease


I’m interested. How much are u asking for it.

30k for 50 percent of the mining rights

How long hav u worked this claim. Are u using 6 or 8 inch dredge. How many months a year are u aloud to mine. I’m full time mining myself and lookin to do some dredging as long as I can make a good living from it.

i run a 6226hs and pull 20 gm a day… all year round you can mine access is 11 min drive from wanaka i have mined 1 percent … im moving to aus to set up my new claim so i see it right to involve another party to mine… check out New Season "A Golden Start" - YouTube

Did you sell this share

Yeah bud sold the whole claim a while back sorry