Selling my Minelab Excalibur 2 10"

Purchased from Miners Den a few years back.
Good used condition. Used for wading and beach hunting, never went diving with it.

Reluctant sale but don’t have the time to use it anymore
Both batteries hold their charge well
Fantastic detector… Paid for itself many times over :))
With the spare Nimh pod this set up will cost you over $2000 new

Comes With:
-Extension I put on back to balance weight and keep pod out of water for easier swinging on the dry and in the surf. All stainless bolts,and used existing holes. Easy to change battery or remove if needed.No physical alterations were made to standard shaft.
-1xSpare nimh battery
-1xSpare battery pod for alkaline batteries still unopened in original packaging
-1xCar charger unopened in original packaging
-1xOriginal charger
-1xShort shaft for diving

-Packet of spare rubbers and nylon bolt for coil


Could be interested.where abouts are you??

Hi treasureseekingnz
Did you manage to sell the excel or is it still available?

Sorry the Excal went to a new home already.
Looking at selling my Nox 800 if you’re interested though. Used 2x and still has more than 2yts warranty left. Comes with additional Minelab Wproof headphones.

Hi Treasureseekernz
Thanks for that. I am having a bit of trouble with my Excal at the moment and are looking round for a back up. May buy new again. I have a CTX3030 as well so will past on the Nox. Good luck with selling it.

New Excals going for a good price at the moment :+1: :+1: