Selling Gold Dunedin

Hey Guys :grin: is there Someone buying Gold Bit over 12 g Finegold in Dunedin ?
Cheers Guys!!!

Why not put it on trademe? Do NOT take it to any local jewellers or businesses. All I can say is that one prominent jewellery here is a fucking arsewipe and rogue and pays about 50 percent of going price. He robbed my old man blind,
If you wish to sell to a business then contact the primary buyers and sellers like Regal Castings, 7 Akiraho Street, Auckland or NZ Mint Level 1, 48 Greys Ave., Auckland.
Best to sell privately. Depending on the gold I could be interested but wont pay what you would get on Trademe AND the gold would have to be good stuff.

Thanks :slight_smile: is from Roxburgh area pretty Clean Last Time goldbuyer in Arrotown was Happy and paid 90% i was Happy with that is Not super fine staff …:slight_smile:

You will do better on trademe for sure. I take it that it was Justin Eden the gold buyer in Arrowtown. How did you come by the gold, did you dredge it yourself? Cheers :slight_smile:

OK thanks i really might give it a try :sweat_smile: yeah super nice Guy so…nah only shovel and my homemade Highbanker :grin:…Cost 100$ and Love it …
Would Love a dredge but without ground Tricky…got a Detector but Not so easy to find good hunting ground…cant wait to move to the westcost :grin:

Cool. What’s stopping you moving to the West Coast? It rains a lot more over there than Central. LOL :smile: I take it you weren’t using your highbanker in the Clutha River at Roxburgh then.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Still got 5 month left in my House to Rent and with Partner and my daughter got to have a Job so :)…yeah more Rain is OK more floods and more gold too He he​:sweat_smile::thinking::grin:…plus House Prince are cheaper and got a Beach as Well Love it over there! Yeah Close to Roxburgh but on privat property so :wink: …No River Close by :thinking::sweat_smile::grin:

ahh you gotta love the coast, spent many years doing possum control over there , always had a gold pan handy ,dont think theres a creek between Reefton and Ross i havnt checked out . good luck over there if your into the outdoors its a neat place, some cool laid back people to be found as well

Yeah Love Nature :slight_smile: and your right cool people over there as Well Hope i find a good Job over there for me and my Partner​:thinking::sweat_smile::grin: