Selling 2x gx390 with electric start and php500 pump. And titan 16hp with php500 pump

Have two 13hp Honda gx390 with Keene php500 pumps for sale. One has a mount for pca10 compressor.

And one 16hp titan motor with Keene php500 pump (motor is a bit noisy but runs perfect) can come with brand new 16hp titan engine in box for $600 as a spare. Has the aluminium mount for t80 or kac1 compressor.

Each motor has a external pulse fuel pump with vaccum line to run external large fuel tanks.

$3800 new, have attached link

All electric start.

All pumps have new mechanical seals.

All have hour clocks.

Selling as changing to two 23hp engines.

Honda gx390, Keene php500 with pca10 compressor mount $2500 (does not come with compressor)

Honda gx390, Keene php500 $2400

Titan 16hp, Keene php500 pump and aluminium compressor mounts $2500 + $600 for extra spare motor.

Will swap for gold 15% below spot price to allow for melt loss etc.

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