Selling 23.1g of Gold

Hey guys I have 23.10 grams of gold for sale. Mostly small pickers and good flakes, there is 5.9 grams of fine gold in there also, not selling anything separate. Wanting $2200. Contact me on here or email


Could be interested in swapping some for a gold monster 1000

Any gold buyers out there?

You could email or call or txt 021368468 he buys gold galore for cash he is in Christchurch tho . Genuine guy with a hoard of au .

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SOLD. Cheers for the contact mr miagi, much appreciated.

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Did u find urself a monster 1000 m8

Yep brought one brand new off dredge NZ using it for the first time tomorrow can’t wait.


Good stuff hope it goes well i was over there for 2 day but done my back putting boots on lol had to come home

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Took it out for a test and found it very noisy and lots false signals, iv got a lot to learn about it, any tips and tricks?

They are super sensitive so ya can dial sensitivity right down on hot ground . Gold will show as iron a lot too so check em all . Ya want a wobble pop so if its bouncing from gold to iron its a good indicator or a blip blip sound its hard to explain but play with some gold if u have any left to learn the certain sound it gives off . If shes blanking out its usually junk but ya never know . Iv found basically fly poop with mine they are awesome once you suss it .


Found the same with mine more time on it the better i would say keep it off the ground when turning on helps check even iron hits mine even go off with the water hitting the cord which has had me digging for nothing :roll_eyes:


They are marvellous - I paid mine off about the first or second time I took it out when I hit a pocket after a flood on my place.
I do find that they are useless if the water is an inch deep - the coil either has to be right out or right in. When the water covers the coil its magic but kept peeving me off when it gives a signal and I end up chasing a fly spec and cant find it or it gives a sound indicating a one kg ingot that turns out to be a small piece close up to the coil.


Got the hang of it now cheers for the tips, I went out for a few hours on the River before the rain set in and did pretty good! One spot had a heap of small signals which I thought was just noisy ground, turned out to be lots of bits of small flakes, man it’s sensitive, happy as with it :slightly_smiling_face:


The biggest bit was my first bit with the monster, was super stoked!


Ur living the dream m8 being able to go for a stroll before the rain comes and finding nice color like that 3 and a half drive for me and lucky to do that well lol but its still awesome fun