Selfish Shellfish guard spendies

A great day, low tide at a time to suit even the most lazy detectorist and fine weather make for an enjoyable outing.

Had to fight my way past this guy to get to the loot.


Wait until you scratch your head trying to figure out where the signal is coming from, only to find a thruppence wedged up inside a shell… :slight_smile:

And that’s a hell-sized Tuatua…or is it a Toheroa?

Toheroa. I wonder how the Fisheries guys would react to that:woozy_face:

Are you on the NI west coast Kildar?

No way MK, :sunglasses: Southland home of the cheese roll, speights and the worlds fastest injun


Hey your worst than Australia claiming Pineapple chunks and Phar Lap! Speights is Otago, Otago and Otago…first time I ever heard of Southland claiming Speights…hmm that’s right I forgot that Southland is part of Otago!

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does anyone remember rhineck cant remember how it was spelt but wasent that a southland beer i loved that stuff.