Seeking some info on getting gold jewelry valued

Hey guys, I just made a noob account for this new forum. I used to frequent the old forum for a couple of years, before the fishing bug took hold.

Anyway, I was wanting to get some gold items valued. I have no idea about the process or even where to go. Is there any place more suited than a jewelers? Rough idea of cost? Any recommendations or help on this would be much appreciated.

Don’t Jewelers give a rough estimate for free, perhaps?
(I recall taking in a junker when I was young.)

Second hand shop, though I find them shifty.
Cash Converters.
Pawn Broker might be your best bet.

Thanks mate. I have been searching a bit on DuckDuckGo, and they all seem pretty shifty, gave me a bit of a “lol” at least… Even the “family owned” ones. Anyways, will do my homework. If I get it weighed and can be sure of the carat, and don’t fall for that old “troy ounces” trick, it can’t go too wrong I guess.

You can get gold testing kits

Or if you are in for a lot of testing, an electronic one that tells you the karats (cost an odd hundred).
You might have to calibrate with a 24k piece first.

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Take it to a couple of jewellers, but, tell them you want it valued for insurance, not sale. Then take the average (or lowest, which will likely be closest to actual value) of the valuations. I’ve had over $200 variation between jewellers on rings I’ve taken in.

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Jewelers the best bet. Some items they wont price unless you pay for a valuation. Specially if there is some serious stones involved.



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What exactly do you have and what do u wanna know?
At first if your gold is all 9ct. You should know that it has only 37.5% gold content only so the value is low…
The spread is 20% at it’s best in NZ for this type of gold.
Cash converters will pay you the least at 5-7$ a gram…
At the moment the spot is about 20$ nz a gram. So if you get 15-16$ a gram you are lucky. Remove the stones first …
If you have 5-10g you be lucky to get 13$ g…
Where are u located?..

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I am trying to understand this. Am I right in saying that $20 a gram translates into roughly $600NZD for an OUNCE of gold?(!!) As opposed to $1800 … Guess I would be located in Mugsville if I parted with it at that price. Seriously, if you get a third - less than a third - of it’s value I don’t see the point in gold fossicking, other than it’s recreational qualities.

Hopefully I have got it grossly wrong. Hopefully you are talking specifically about 9ct gold.

Appreciate the detailed reply regardless, and I apologise for the unfiltered reply. (It’s hard to type with the jaw on the floor).

That’s because an ounce of 9ct gold does not contain as much pure gold as an ounce of 24ct gold.

9ct gold is only 37.5% pure gold.
24ct gold is 100% pure gold.

Hopefully that makes sense.

I think most raw gold in NZ is 90 odd % pure? Not sure though, but it’ll have more gold in that your 9ct jewelry weight for weight.

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Ahh yep, thanks Gavin. I was hoping that was the case. Dropped the item off to a mate who know’s a trustworthy jeweler. Fingers crossed it’s 18ct!

Out of interest, anyone know how those shifty “troy ounces” came about? Would not be surprised if it was just some shady jeweler’s scheme lol

Hi Troutngoldstalker;

For 9ct the best i can pay you 20$ a gram
For 18ct its 40$ nzd a gram
for gold nuggets from NZ they vary between 90-97% purity , i will pay you the spot rate, i.e. if your nuggets are 95% purity and you have 10grams of nuggets then 10* 59$ * 0.95 you will get 560$ for the lot and so on, that what we mean when we say we pay you 100% of your gold value for the pure gold content…for more info about our pricing policy please visit or you can call us on 0800003335 nz only, if you are GST registered , then we can pay you back your GST and our refining fees are 5% the lowest in NZ…
If un sure about any point please feel free to call…

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Hi again T_Jordan. Are you still buying gold? If so, would you give me your email address so we can discuss it?


Yes I do, or
Will you de-bone a trout for me?

T Jordan