Second hand dredge


Just after a second hand 4 inch dredge proline or Keene before the end of October up to $5000 I’m based in Ashburton but willing to travel within 4 hours prefer to look before I buy . Thanks .

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Hi there; I have a keene 4 inch dredge with all the fittings to dredge immediately including respirator. I also have a number of old hoses that are still serviceable.

I have it set up ready to go. It has done a lot of hours, but I have changed the oil every 20 hours or so. I usually carry my dredge in pieces to the river, assemble work about 5 to six hours and then back again; usually 8 to 12 hour days. But now I am getting old and hae a hernia, I have been thinking of dredging this season but if I got a good price for my dredge ( plus all spare bits and bobs).
I have a lot of hard earned experience which I would pass on to the purchaser if required.

I am in Southland. Please text or phone 021 063 85 82. Mornings (9 ish) are best.