Search and rescue 2020

Out on the mud this morning for a couple of hours the watch strap was a evil heart thump followed by a (you all no) good to see a few coins still here


Good to see you back in the ooze Chris :+1:

A pity the rest of the pendulum is missing but it’s a first for me anyone no what the star thing is

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Is it just me or does the star thing look like the back of a locking mechanism to anyone else?

@PRuss Yep, backplate of a lock…
Or it opens evil books…image


I think we’ve all had those silence in the phones hunts but this was agonising
Previous hunts at this spot had produced a few 1800s treasure but after grid searching for a hour and one 1903 half and two 1c pieces not to mention a length of copper wire that had zigzagged its way across the flats I made my way back to the ute… Then out of the mud a cock popped out


Far out…mine only pops out in my dreams

if I had a cock like that I wouldn’t let it pop out . wouldn’t even let it out

I make cock ups all the time…l just made an expensive one. I bought a plane ticket to Auckland and was all packed ready to go tomorrow the 19th a January…until I double checked the ticket and it was for Friday the 17th. Ten thousand curses.

it you booked with jetstar you will be ok. probably hasn’t left yet

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Yep I sure did. I always fly by Jetstar - El Cheapo - the good thing is that their magazines have a ‘Wheres Wally’ page and that occupies my time so I dont get bored out of my tree.

@kiwikeith, is that because of it’s patina or it’s tarnish?..

it because I cant find it these days . not to sure if its from all the diving in the cold water on my claim.

So you have a rooster that dives for nuggets… Impressive so much easier to run a detector over chook shit

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Took a walk to" Neveragain bay’ this arvo got a button spill
One lonely coin my young fella in charge of surface finds which he is loving


Nice finds. Got more clay pipe than I’ve managed.
A whistle trying to be sneaky behinfd the net weight?

Like that pipe Chris. Nice one.

Na just a old jig head

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Dirt hunt today
1x gucci watch with straps
A few random coins


Pace yourself, got four weeks to go yet :slight_smile: It’s an ill wind and all that…

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