SDC2300 headphone problems

Hey guys

Just wondering if anyone is having the same problem as me.
I have a SDC2300 and I find that the volume in the supplied koss headphones is way too low when near flowing water, I also have koss underwater phones and these seem even quieter. I find I’m having to turn the threshold up way too high just to hear any signals and think I’m probably missing a lot of small targets.
I’m thinking of buying some new quality phones (sunray pro gold with adaptor lead) but not sure if this will fix the problem as I’m thinking there maybe something wrong with my detector.

Any help, modifications, etc from other 2300 users would be much appreciated.
Thanks very much


Hi Dave,

Might pay to check your Audio Pitch and Threshold settings.
Here is a link to the instruction manual.

Hope it’s helpful.


That’s a nice sized nugget! Any tips / things to look out for when using the SDC completely submerged? Not tried mine fully submerged yet.

Thanks MK

Yes I have tried both the audio tones and all the threshold settings but it just seems to be lacking in volume.

Thanks Gavin, yep it’s a beauty…!! 38.2 grams found in a legal fossicking area…well just outside of the area haha.

I have had my unit completely under water a few times now (headpones still above water) and unit did make a lot of noise while going under water and while coming back up so makes me think that maybe some water has entered the electronics.
I have thought of sending it to minelab in Australia for a full check but thought I’d try on here first and maybe buy some quality phones.


My unit had no volume problems when it passed over the large nugget and I almost didn’t dig it out thinking it was just another piece of junk lol but sooooo glad I did.

Wow, that really is a nugget and a half - well done! So was it completely dunked to find that one? Have you found any gold with it completely submerged yet?

I’ve had the control box touch the water a few times and it starts to give strange noises, so maybe that’s normal?

Someone advised using marine grease around the battery compartment seal just to make sure there’s no water creeping in there.

No havint found any gold with it fully submerged but have found a small nugg (around .6g) with shaft about half way under. The big nugg was found up a bank, 10+ meters above the river bed under a small boulder in some fresh wash, what a buzz that was for me and my gold hunting buddy that day.!!
That’s a good idea about the batt compartment, I might try some silicon grease as it is rubber freindly and clean, but I have checked inside the compartment most times after it’s been submerged and has always looked dry inside.

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Check out the Peltor modification (basically transfer the piezos from the Koss phones into ear defenders)
Gives much, much better ambient sound exclusion as the Koss phones are very poor at that.

Very quick and easy mod and makes the world of difference to picking up faint tones in noisy environments - I did it with my old Koss phones for working on surf beaches in cyclones and can’t rave enough about it.

In fact, I remember now my Excal is just out of warranty, so that’s my project for the weekend :smiling_imp:

Impressive chunk of Shine there! I’m not a gold freak, but…Wow.

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SDC 2300 user here, the koss headphones supplied are nice but terrible, I have the same problem as you and have taken to using it sans headphones relying on the external speaker which has its own issues when things get noisy, rapids etc, nearby.

Thanks for the heads up regarding the waterproof headphones also being weak, I believe the impedence of the headphones has a lot to do with the level of sound they produce, don’t quote me on this but higher impedence produces a lower volume at a better quality, and lower produces a higher volume at a reduced quality.

I have bought a 1/4" jack lead from phase technical in OZ, and I am still making my mind up about what I want to do next, sunray headphones seem like the business but I am currently leaning towards getting an external booster and running some earbuds as opposed to fullsized phones.

Nice nugget by the way, the biggest I have found so far is 3.5g but this detector is an absolute weapon and I’m finding gold all the time in areas that have been hunted with detectors heavily before.

Nice find Dave, Have a feeling I know where you found this. Up the Gully, over a swingbridge, outside the public area…I wont say any more on the location. Saw a photo of it & was told the story. Awesome find. I have just packaged up my 2300 to send back to minelab for a check up. Was never happy with it from day one & that was over 2 years ago. A mate talked me in to sending it back before the warranty runs out. A friend of my mate found a 6 oz nugget on the track not far from the carpark. Was detecting up the track, got a loud signal & thought it was a horse shoe. Just kicked at the ground & there it was smiling up at him. Didn’t even dig for it. Man…I & many others would have walked over that many times.
Just got myself a Zed & will be out in the weekend giving it a trial. Cheers

Good luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

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I look forward to hearing what you think of it. Should be awesome ground down there for swinging that about! :slight_smile:

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