Scuba rules in public fossicing areas

Hey everyone, im getting my scuba tickets and was wondering if i can scuba dive the public fossicing areas lol can’t find anything on rules ect , would scuba gear be considered as mechanical equipment, all thoughts and views considered cheers

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The only thing thats mechanical would be the joint movement of the carcass within the diving suit and the only danger to you could be the possibility of some senile old bastard thinking you were a lost Japanese mini sub and dropping something heavy on you…like a 44 gallon drum full of concrete.
I dont think you should have any worries as you certainly wouldnt be mechanical from the point of view of the legalities unless you had been eating prunes and futfut beans and were relying on jet propulsion to head up the creek.


I do like your sense of humor, cause i tend to introduce myself to everyone on the creek(whether they wana talk or not)i don’t think anyone will be dropping rocks on me hahaha, ill take it as a possible yes at my own risk right lol probably should try free dives first but spending the whole day in a pool on one tank had me thinking about doing it in the creek :sweat_smile:

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Thinking it would be good idea for getting to the bedrock on some of the normally out of reach pools.
Good luck

Not worth the effort mate.
Unfortunately, you will be lucky to get much more than an hour on an 80, far less if working hard rolling rocks around or in any current. I suspect the helpful goblins at the course probably swapped out the bottles when you were paying attention to something else, like that lass in the bikini? :grin:

Lot to be said for the humble snorkel :laughing:


You are onto it Mudwiggle. :+1:

JW :cowboy_hat_face: