Scuba Detecting

Gav, putting this in here as it’s pretty niche, in lost 'n found forum it may not be seen by desired audience.

Left field, I have someone who is seriously considering flying me down from Bay of Islands (!) to detect for a lost necklace under a wharf near Chch.

Wondering if there are any prospectors in the area who have Scuba-Detecting capability?
Depth 4-5m and an expected 3x5m corridor (was a straight drop off the wharf)

Please message me your contact details and I can put you through.

(I don’t really want to fly the length of the country for this if I can avoid it)


Will be down there in May dont think my sdc would do the depth though

Could be a bigger job than they think, all sorts of objects around wharves and with little current it could be quite a muddy murky operation. Just putting it out there. Garret infinitum or sea hunter would be the tool to use I reckon.

All sorted with a local comm diver packing a trusty Excal :muscle: having a go this weekend, wharf in question is in reasonable water and drop point is well defined. I’m picking a win here.

Thanks have to go to Dan @chdanz for his assistance. Cheers bud. :+1:


Funny was thinking he would be the logical canadate

Dan’s not doing the dive, but has passed on a name who is able and willing.