Scrap gold selling

Looking to sell piece I found last year going by market value $441.00 ( 9.6 x 18k) got a quote of $280. My question is can I expect the same sort of money from other dealers?

They generally offer around 80% of gold content which in your case would be a little over $350.
I’d be Interested in other comments.

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Thanks MB was thinking around that number myself will call around some other places after work hopefully I can do better need some nox money.

I took in some rings to sell as well - a white gold 18k, a gold 18k, a gold 9k and a small rose gold signet and got offered $150 for the lot. needless to say I still have them and was bloody disappointed!!

That’s day light robbery fisher- man. Got a second quote $238 bloody hell come on now.

Don’t use the likes of Cash Converters etc. You will probably only get 40% of the value.


These have been jewellers so far. Was trying to find one to sell too / get appraisals from in future… you know a go to guy/gal. Was thinking of seeing what local pawn shop will offer but am sure it will be lower still.

Has anyone dealt with " " would keen on hearing it.

I deal with their prices are better over the counter than what is quoted on the website.


Try the bullion dealers - I do not know if they buy scrap gold but I do know that when buying precious metals they are by far the best places to purchase from. The opportunitsts who sell silver bullion on Trademe obviously buy from the bullion dealers then slap them on Trademe for another $100 or so per kg.
So give them a try - Regal Casting 7 Akiraho Street, Auckland or New Zealand Mint level 1 I think it is 48 Greys Ave in the CBD, Auckland.
I am pretty certain they will give you the best price BUT also try Gold Smart, Gold Wise and Ezycash Gold Buyers all in Auckland but I am guessing that they will NOT be able to match the prices of NZ Mint if they buy scrap gold or Regal Castings.