Saturday hunt from the picnic spot

some silvers from the picnic spot,also found many pennys and halfs good day.


Fifteen silvers is outstanding!
You have obviously found a good spot, nice one.

Nice haul. Good wee spot you have there!

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Welldone. How long did you spend there?

Hi goldpandemic,i spent about five hours at this spot,but it started to rain,so had to run for it,almost soaked by the time I got back to the car,but a good afternoon out,and pleased with that.


cheers thanks gavin.

thanks iggy,turning out to be very good,checked my log book the other day and I,ve found 57 silvers there so far,so will keep digging.


Hi everyone ,just an update on the picnic spot,silvers have blown out to 143 now and still pulling them out!,awesome spot.

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