Sapphire is heavy like Gold

I’m new to Gold hunting,really new, in fact I’ve not done any yet. I’m moving down to Takaka area when our house is sold and intend to make a hobby of it.
What I find interesting is the weight of the Gold is the key to washing it out and it was the same with Sapphire when we were in Oz. We spent a few days digging in the free fields and found twenty or so,some good some not so good. We put the earth into a tromel and rolled out the big rocks then washed and tossed the stone that was left. The weight of the good stones took them to the centre of the sieve.
When I watch the videos of people panning it seems a lot harder but looks like fun. Can’t wait ! The clear stone is a pear shape yellow diamond.


nice! enjoy the gold hunt. more addictive than anything else ever I reckon

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Those are some nice pix.
In the South they find Garnets regularly.
Just keep in mind that Corundum (Sapphire/Ruby) and Diamonds have a density of less than 4g/cm2, wheres Gold is 19.32g/cm2, and Iron is just under 8g/cm2.

Addictive you say :yum: