Sado Island Japan - cotton for fine gold extraction

Had a winter holiday, first time in Japan.
Excellent food, wonderful bogs that do almost everything for you, and the old gold mine on Sado Island.
See they laid cotton material onto sluices for fine clean ups.

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hi thanks for that tip, do they just lay down cotton alone over a sluice box on an angle or is their other plans

Perhaps an old cotton pillow case lengthened in a shute Thanks for sharing
Did you get to have a go at panning or did you just visit the island as an add on trip

oh lol they are figurines of old gold miners on a double take ,

Yeah, just sheets laid on a flat angled sluice. Spoke with a Kiwi back home and he told me he had seen canvas used as well.

Just an add on to a trip. Not allowed to pan!

Correct. It’s a brilliant set up, you can walk through it all. Also crushing and grinding.