Sad to say, I'm not sure anymore

If you’ve seen half of the Post’s here, they’re awesome. However, now looking on trademe, everything here can be bought… Especially silver coins, a hell of a shame, but I’m sure no one here would do such a dick move…

I’d like to think faked finds are in a very, very small minority - although I don’t doubt there are some who do. For the record, I personally think the regulars on here are all above board.
In the past, I’ve posted hunts that I would have thought improbable (The virgin swimming hole that spewed out something like 20 rings and $80 in goldies over two visits - or the 1778 Spanish reale spring to mind)

Whether it’s frustration at not finding the ‘good stuff’ that the old hands do (usually after many hours of research and groundwork prior to the hunt, and often many more flicking bits of foil into the pouch before they hit that coinline), I don’t know. But some will feel the need to present a fake find to feel they’re part of the action. That’s their choice, not a very honorable one though.

For the record, here’s my junk bin since the last gold ring (I empty it after each gold and start again) This will be on TradeMe with a low reserve if anyone wants to buy it and pass it off as theirs :laughing:

But for now, it’s persisting down, blowing a gale - and I’m sitting here in a wetsuit, finishing my coffee before heading out to drive over 80km in order to catch the 2am low tide on the mudflats. Waaay more fun than just buying stuff.



Think I will be more gentlemanly and pick up the afternoon tide. :slight_smile:


That’s right mudwiggle there is a hell of a lot of work that goes into good finds if your lucky 20% is treasure. The research and the time is were it’s at. I have one thing in my collection that I bought a token and only cause the guy was gonna pawn it for $20 but I gave him a fair price. I have never claimed to find it tho lol.

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Brilliant, so good to see, in an age where it means “everything to be seen”, people are doing anything to get a
story out. Nice to see your recycle bucket looks very familiar…

It was only a handful of years ago we where finding all kinds of amazing things in chch, a 20+ silver day wasn’t uncommon, even heard of a guy who got over 40 at the silver mine.

Myself and two other detecting friends have found 15 gold coins around Canterbury, one of them found 5 in one day!!!

Multiple gold/silver rings, gold medallions, silver army badges, sovereign cases (empty ones :disappointed:) chain purses, pocket watches & chains and everything else you can imagine. They’re all on the old forum if you want a look.

Guess what I’m trying to say is I know these are true finds because I was either there when they where found or someone else I trusted was. We hardly ever hunted alone

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Haha you Christchurch guys might want to ask Roy for some tips, he’s killing it.
As Cosmo said research is what usually pays off and reading these forums & the old forum archive for tips from the veterans.

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Yes after prolonged, intensive research I have determined that the ground around my couch is unlikely to hold anything of significance.

Maybe I need to find a place that had large historical gatherings!! Roy won’t be far away so I can just ask him…cheers for the tip GP

I just spent ten minutes with some kids at a wood chip playground, they were watching me and fully engaged, I detect, it beeps, they dig, engaged, and I told them it will be mostly rubbish.
The only porky I’ve told is to one of those kids, after I told him the truth, that we have to hand rings into the police if we find one, he tells me he works for the police, he was wearing a zip so I told him the machine detects lies too and swept him for the beep.
Some YouTube videos seem tenuous, but rubbish is a good portion of it and rubbish can be fun too, I’ve bought some good wotsits here for ID.