Sad Day for Thames Foundary

If I had my way, I’d keep it partially going as a training & tourist stop.
Have glass working in half of it (great use for a foundary smelter). Perhaps a bit of gold/silver smelting, and tourists can make their own moulds.
Lot of history, it’s an impressive site.


Sadly a sign of troubled times and keep in mind if we did not have that evil called globalisation this foundry could have been a key industry in the district.

GOLD smelting sounds good.


I think globalisation can be worked around.
The Chinese can smelt metals more efficiently and in bulk than anyone else.
However there is room for specialist metal working sites. And places that have cheap energy - hydro dams have an advantage. There is room for local recycling - can make small time operations extremely efficient.
The other thing to keep in mind is that large bulk suppliers may have lower quality products.
Germany & Japan still have viable industrial operations because they focus on very technical products. Also can output quickly with a fast delivery time. England is moving towards this way of saving their faltering industries: