Rules and regulations

Hi all, I’m new on here and have enjoyed reading through different posts.
Can anyone tell me, where, what do I need to know and do before I go looking for gold.
I have been interested in this for many years but have no real idea what to look for and where to start. Any info appreciated

start with looking at locations tab on this site. that will give you an idea where you can go legally. don’t need any fancy equipment. just a pan and a shovel will get you started. you can find pans and even a shovel on trademe

Yep check out locations on this site…go to public fossicking areas and study all the maps…sus out where you’d like to head,if you scroll through all the threads you are bound to find someone commenting on the areas you want…
Then under Equipment on this site see the DredgeNZ segment…click on the website link and order some descent gear from their site,under prospecting equipment they have starter kits with a pan,sieve,spade,sniffer bottle and sample bottle to put ya gold in all for 68 bucks,plenty of youtube videos on how to pan,look for holes and crevieces dug out already ,usually if someone has taken the time to dig a hole then it must have shown some promise.or not!Ask around…good luck

Do check the old Paydirt Archive, it has a wealth of information.