Rocket Guns For Gun Nuts

Not a gun nut myself, but these are pretty cool!


Thanks for sharing that - yes I had heard of them and other strange guns - for example the gun that fired triangular bullets - not rounds but trounds - a friend of mine in Rotterdam has a packet of the strange ammunition.

I enjoyed watching that and for once watched something from go to whoa.

The closest I have ever come to firing something like that was when I was at Primary School and a big nasty sod used to bully me - in Latin ā€˜Fucknucklus Retardusā€™ - so I got this rusty old Maori Wars pistol an old guy down the road had given to me and loading a sky rocket down the barrel lay in ambush behind a hedge down the road. When he left school down the road on his bike I lit the rocket, aimed it at him and waitedā€¦and then the rocket took off. He got a hell of a fright and canned off his bike and hurt himself but he never picked on me after that because I suppose he had no idea what devious trick I might come up with next. That old gun came in handy twice when I was bullied but the other instance is another story. So how did he know it was me? Easy - I had no hair on the front of my head and no eyebrows!

I was a demonic little bastard when I was a kid but only to those who hurt me!

Thanks again for that - interesting.