Roaring Meg claim for sale Otago

Found this on Trademe

Anyone know anything about the area?

yip have worked up there , and yes theres definately gold there , i looked at claiming the alice burn and upper luggate creek but couldnt get acsess agreement is good gold all along that range

This is on DoC land and relies on a DoC access agreement, archaeologial assessment. Access is not not sorted as yet and Eugenie Sage made the comment no more mining on DoC land. She hasn’t clarified whether that captures the hobby bloke or larger projects yet. There is some risk with buying this claim and the buyer should be aware of those risks and the costs associated with all the incidentals. She is a nice bit of water thou!

Thanks for the info. I’m guessing it would have been dredged to some extent in the past?

im pretty sure Allan Hamilton mentions dredging it in his book , there wernt to many gold bearing rivers in new zealand that wernt dredged in the 80s , some are still producing good gold tho

have you tried Fucdoc?
just kidding

Goldberg, that is funny but if your dredge started a fire and you didn’t have permissions you would be in deep shit. If you spent 15k on a claim only to find doc would not give access you would naturally be unhappy. The tone of the trade me ad is that access isn’t a problem, but that is far from certain. Helping inform our members to avoid making a mistake is all I care about. But your humour is appreciated

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Nice area,been sniping down there several times.Never come back with much gold though but usually got something . Hammy describes it as pretty lean in his book as well despite great looking reef. Plenty of old workings around the upper part of the permit,most left by chinese miners who were very thorough .Ive stayed in the Meg hut which is the upstream larger of the two pictured, its a solid DOC hut with a fireplace you will only use once as it fills the hut with smoke. It was built in the 40s by John Lee [ founder of Cardrona Ski Resort among other things ] father as a mustering hut and he planted a few pine trees for shade and firewood which were sprayed a few years ago by DOC even though they werent the wilding variety so soon it wont matter about the fireplace which is a shame because this hut is often snowbound in the winter.As far as I know the smaller downstream hut is still a mustering hut owned by the farmer in Touhys Gully through which is the most practical access. From the saddle there are tracks down to both huts, the one to the meg hut is good for a 4wd but the downstream one is rough…just made it on a quad last time I was there. A few years ago I was riding out along the top of the Pisa range on my quad and as it was quite late and a bit cold I had kept my wetsuit on…came across a party of foreign trampers…wonder what they thought of some guy on a motorbike on top of a mountain wearing a full wetsuit.


Guys this might be of interest re access and some photos of the site

Hi prich385, I’ve just come back to Chch from 5 days in Central Otago. On Wednesday 24th January, my brother and I walked the Roaring Meg Pack Track from the SH 6 end(heading to Queenstown). We walked as far as the small lake that feeds the powerstation. At that point the 4 wheel drive track ended as well. As “crackintherock” said, either on foot or motorbike will get you further.
Regards access on the dirt road, it is private land you are on. I perhaps went about it the wrong way, but I couldn’t find out the farmers details, so I approached Pioneer Energy, as it is their power station. Contact Pioneer Energy on 034400022, to get access. We asked, and got permission. The farmers phone number is on a small sign about 1km into the track. Hope that helps.
Re track closure, just google Roaring Meg Track, look at the DoC info, which is more detailed.
Cheers, Ben.

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So what’s everyone’s opinion on this claim?? Is it worth the $15k??

If you want to spend $15k so you have somewhere to go and clean stones for ten years as that’s all you’ll be doing. But as with any claim, the owners should let perspective buyers up to test it.

As I said previously to give buyers a heads-up- the riverbed is DOC conservation estate. No access agreement has been obtained and it is possible the current Minister of Conservation will not give access. She did make the public statement that there will be no more mining on DoC land. What that means was not made clear.

You will (assuming DoC gives access) need to factor in archaeological survey, DoC bond, access and authority to enter and operate costs, liability insurance and mining permit fees. Together this adds up.

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on my claim in the pell I had to pay an easement to doc to drive across their land even though I was working linz river. don’t forget the blue duck survey $2000 then if they find one they put time limits on working. wnen my mate that took over the claim he extended it and had to pay 2 easement fees. but you were allowed up there to go hunting without and easement. sorry but its all money for those boys

Hi KiwiKeith,
I had the same issue re an easement over DoC land on an old claim of mine. I rolled them with that in the end after obtaining legal advice and have helped a number of other hobby miners avoid that easement fee. drop me a line if they are still hassling you

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Hi Guys;

Did anyone hear anything about a gold refinery called southern cross or south cross gold refinery in Greymouth?
I know they do have one in Australia.
anything in the south island?

You are 100% right.
can someone explain to me how do they allow Chinese companies to step in within 1yr and obtain a full mining license in the West Cost?
I truly don’t even know what do those politicians want to achieve from one side…and on the other side , why they don’t even bother reply when a kiwi wants to obtain a mining right…
shocking and rather confusing …the least to say

These things should be widely advertised through the media to PROVE that the government has sold us ordinary every day New Zealanders down the gurgler. The government ARE guilty of treason - this is evident in the manner in which the Miners Right was phased out and the 17 public fossicking areas put in their place - to appease the peasants. It is evident in the fact the good old Kiwis have great difficulty obtaining a Miners Licence and foreign companies manipulate the government to take what is OURS…its about money and a government who pisses in the pockets of the bankers and big off shore investors and companies to the detriment of the ordinary people.


Ya Right, Only if our mainstream Media companies were NOT fully controlled and financed by our own career politicians whom we Voted for them…
Thats not only in NZ, its in USA and all the followers from UK,OZ,CA, Euro ZONE, down to Israel, Jordan Dubai and Qatar…simply you either with us and bad mouth Trump as he is an outsider or you will be in the bad box…

We are heading south meanwhile China and its Team are Heading FWD and advancing…thanks to our career politicians and our own greed to subdivide our property ,sell it and who cares about the future…

We are desperately in need for at least another 5 or 6 Trumps to revamp our systems…

did anyone ever ask why public sector in NZ earns 1.5times Private sector… what do they produce…?

have u Noticed the shortages of Brainies , Engineers,dr’s…etc in our world … where did they go???

I acn Not wait until the china/Austria Internet 2way communication starts, i will switch into it without thinking twice, at least i will know that no one is spying on us, Not that i have any thing to hide…it’s just my liberty for heavens on earth…

I am a property owner, but i must admit that the condition is shocking and we really need to stop this attitude of being slaves to the property market and the politicians …

don’t worry about banks, they are in the shot too with the politicians, they want to take the money from them and blame them for everything…

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