Ring made from pre 1887 silver One Shilling!

Yesterday I found the most incredible ring! Absolutely buzzing!

It rang up in the range of where you’d expect a silver item to be, when I dug it out of the mud I could make out a bit of what I thought was an inscription, but given there was no fresh water in the area I couldn’t clean it up enough to make sense of the inscription.

When I got home I found it was inscribed with the following…

“VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITANNIAR: REG: F: D:” along with one side of the ring having a bit of a milled edge.

I thought the milling, font and some of the text were similar to the 1913 one penny coin I found earlier in the morning and knew Victoria came before George V., But couldn’t understand what I was looking at.

Through the magic of Google I discovered that the ring was made from a pre 1887 silver One Shilling

! The circumference matches the shilling diameter perfectly. I know this is pre 1887 as the wording changed after this year.

I can’t find reference to schillings being made into coins… Has anyone seen anything like this before? I’m not even sure showed you’d go about contorting a coin so that the outward facing edge of the coin becomes the inward side of the ring???
Link to what a one shilling coin looks like… Shilling from 1881 - UNITED KINGDOM 1837-01 - Victoria - The Coin Database


Very nice and uniquely personal item from way back. Much better than a humble shilling.

Coin rings are easy to make, check out the thread on the old forum

Coin Ring

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I haven’t heard of shillings being made into rings, but its very common with the old US silver coins, there are plenty of videos on youtube of people making them.

Hi amerikiwi,yeah cool ring,ive seen these being made in a market in Australia from old florins,i also found one in hagley park made from a us quarter. cool find .