Reward for yesterday's effort

4.3 grams of the good stuff collected yesterday afternoon.


Which area? Looks well traveled

South Otago, just gotta get out and about, don’t find anything staying at home.

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Very cool…Nice big flakes…sniping?

Detected, then picked up with mask and snorkel. Biggest piece 1.4 grams.

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Nice. What detector? :slight_smile:

Old trusty GPX 4500. A bit big and bulky to lug around & a pain that the control box isn’t waterproof, but the ability to get aggressive with the settings or dumb the detector down when you have to, I think make up for it.

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The 4500 isn’t too shabby a detector, that is for sure. What coil? Cheers

JW :slight_smile:

Coiltek Platypus mono. I wouldn’t mind a smaller waterproof coil, to get into those tight spots easier, but I haven’t seen one yet. Which detector/s do you run?