Reviews for GPX 6000 under NZ conditions

Any 1st hand real life experience under NZ conditions that anyone can share with the GPX 6000? I’m eyeing up the GPX 6000 as a potential new toy.

I’m particularly curious about how it performs in river gravels where there’s likely to be more hot rocks hiding. I understand it might be a little more prone to hot rocks than my SDC but should allow me to punch deeper.

I see @kiwijw kicked off a thread last year but some of the knowledge sounded like it could be 2nd hand from online reviews.

If you’re running a GPX 6000 yourself do you love it / hate it / somewhere in-between?


I have no experience with the 6000. Is it’s specialty small gold at depth? If you are hunting productive but well known areas, or are using the detector as your primary means of gold recovery, then the 6000 or 7000 could be a good investment?

My 2c worth: GPX 4500 or 5000 with a range of coils, plus either the Equinox or Gold Monster, throw the leftover $2k at a new GPS, waterproof pinpointer, walking boots, 4wd tyres and a crate of beer to help with brainstorming new locations :pick::grin:


I’m hoping to borrow one shortly to try in anger and will report back!

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Took one out for a play on well flogged ground and was pleasantly surprised…

Quite a chatty machine but gave a very clear signal above the chatter on the small gold I found. Seemed to deal well with mineralised river gravels and bedrock that would upset VLF’s. Did sound off on damp foliage and roots a bit like other pulse induction detectors.